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5 Reasons Why Some People are Afraid to Have Sex forthe First Time in a New Relationship

As a young person, recent college graduate, and on my first job as a GST Tax Lawyer and finally living alone, I have fund lots of new freedom. Friends too that talk about anythingunder the sun. Afew days ago, we explored sex ina new relationship and why some people may be afraid to have some.

  • Afraid to get Naked

Most of us are our worst critics and enemies. You could have the body of a goddess but still conscious of a little mole on your neck or the fact that your right boob is significantly bigger that the left. Well, we all have imperfections and truthfully speaking, they make us unique and more beautiful. So, if you are holding back because the voice in your head tells you that you aren’t beautiful enough in your naked glory, tell it to shut up then go on and have a great time!

  • Afraid you’re not good in Bed

When you take too long before consummating yourrelationship, you let all these fears and tension ruin what could have been a good moment. You dwell too much on your past experiences that you manage to convince yourself you areterrible in bed. Here’s an idea: focus on what you like so that you can tell it to your partner, being as he wants you to have a good experience. It doesn’t hurt to experiment on yourself a little or someone you are pretty free with at first before going all out. Also, you want to ask your partner what they like so that the experience will be great for the two of you. In short, think less, act more.

  • Afraid of Malfunction

Well, this is an interesting one but some people are afraid of letting out the last bit of baked beans that had for lunch… at least the fumes. Well, first, though, keep off those baked beans and second, why are we even thinking this far? We can all agree that the reason why having sex for the first time freaks most of us out is that we think too much of it. We dwell on what could go wrong so much that it ruins things. If by mistake that small fart comes out, well, then laugh it off, right?

  • Failure to Orgasm

Statistics have it that as many as 75% of the women who are sexually active do not climax during penetrative sex alone. Such a huge number, isn’t it? While sometimes this can’t be helped, it should not be a reason to worry. Talking to your partner honestly helps so that they know how to work things. If sex toys work for you, then bring them out to play. Oral sex is a good option too if that works better for you If all fails, you may want to see a sex therapist.

Other fears could include the size of his manhood. While some believe that there is no such as thing as ‘too big,’ some live in fear of girth and size.

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