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6 Reasons to Still Buy a MacBook Air

6 Reasons to Still Buy a MacBook Air

Often, it is observed that people are comparing Mac and windows laptop in order to decide which laptop they should buy. In this article, we would give 6 top reasons that why you should go for MacBook Air.

  1. Under $1,000

The least expensive new MacBook Pro begins at an expensive $1,499, however, the 13-inch MacBook Air still goes for $999. The 12-inch MacBook, which is too little and constrained for a great many people, begins at $1,299. Considering that the normal portable workstation offers for around $650, unmistakably a great many people can’t bear to burn through $1,500 or more.


The best answer for most cost-cognizant shoppers is to purchase a Windows portable PC. Notwithstanding, in the event that you truly need a MacBook and can’t manage the cost of a Pro, the Air could be your best and just decision.

  1. Longer Battery Life

You can never have an excess of battery life and the MacBook Air likely endures longer on a charge. The 13-inch Air persisted for an entire 14 hours on the Laptop Mag Battery Test, which includes consistent surfing over Wi-Fi.

In spite of the fact that we haven’t benchmarked the new MacBook Pros yet, we realize that Apple just claims the greatest battery life of 10 hours, which is 40 percent less. The 12-inch MacBook tapped out on our test following 9 hours and 38 minutes.

  1. Normal USB Ports

The greater part of the present era MacBooks has just USB Type-C or Thunderbolt 3 ports. While those new ports give a considerable measure of advantages now and later on, most peripherals still utilize the old, square USB Type-A connector. Rather than purchasing a pile of dongles, connectors, and new peripherals, MacBook Air-proprietors can undoubtedly associate with their double USB 3.0 ports.

  1. SD Card Slot

On the off chance that you utilize a standard camera and get a kick out of the chance to exchange pictures to your portable workstation, the new MacBook Pros don’t make it simple. You’ll have to utilize a card reader or join a USB link from your camera to the tablet. The MacBook Air has a decent old SD card space. It’s simply attachment and play.

  1. MagSafe Connector

The greater part of the new Macs charge by means of USB Type-C/Thunderbolt 3, which is an extraordinary on the grounds that it implies that they can send power, information and video over a solitary association. Nonetheless, in case you’re utilizing your tablet as a part of the lounge and your little child stumbles over its energy link, your $1,500 could come colliding with the floor.

The MacBook Air uses Apple’s old MagSafe control connector, which is made to disconnect when somebody puts weight on the wire. Thus, on the off chance that you coincidentally give the MagSafe label, it’ll simply snap out, as opposed to bringing about your note pad to run down with it.

  1. Better Keyboard

The new MacBook Pros have a marginally upgraded rendition of the shallow, “butterfly” switch-empowered console which appeared on the 12-inch MacBook. While these keys are truly smart, considering their low 0.5mm travel, they simply aren’t on a par with the conventional console on the MacBook Air, which is much more profound and more responsive. In the event that writing solace is a need, the MacBook Air is your best decision.

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