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8 Tips For More Efficient Air Conditioning

8 Tips For More Efficient Air Conditioning

One of the largest expenses for American households comes from cooling and heating your home. Every year, thousands of homes waste money and energy by cooling and heating their homes inefficiently. This is a particularly big problem in the summer when air conditioning in many parts of the country is a must. There are ways, however, to keep the temperature down while also keeping the cost of cooling your home low. Here are some essential tips that will save you money long-term when cooling your house.

1) Don’t Set the Temperature Too Low:

The simplest and most effective way to keep the cost of air conditioning down is to avoid setting the temperature of your air conditioner too low. Though escaping to a chilly room might initially feel nice after being in the heat and humidity, a more reasonable temperature will do the job fine. Avoid setting your air conditioner to a temperature lower than twenty degrees below the outdoor temperature, as this will often cause damage to the unit.

2) Bigger Isn’t Always Better:

There is such a thing as having too large of an air conditioner. A unit that is needlessly large for the space it is cooling is a big waste of money and will not properly cool the room. Oversized air conditioners will typically lower the temperature of a room before they can properly dehumidify the room, making for an uncomfortable environment.

3) Create a Flow:

Do not rely solely on an air conditioning unit. Ceiling fans are an excellent way to circulate air in a room and lower the temperature, and small house fans can be strategically placed to create airflow throughout your home. When supplemented with an air conditioner, these fans will work wonders for lowering your energy bill.

4) Don’t Rush Your Air Conditioner:

A lot of people think that by setting the temperature lower than they actually want it to be will speed up the process of cooling of a room. Simply put, this is untrue. Your room won’t cool any faster and you will likely waste energy by accidentally cooling the room too much.

5) Go Energy Efficient:

Remember to periodically replace older models with new, energy efficient ones. The Energy Star website is an excellent resource for learning about the specifications and benefits of energy efficient models.

6) Reduce Air Leakage:

Did you know that you could save hundreds of dollars a year by making sure your windows are energy efficient? Use caulking or weather-stripping to patch up cracks and openings around window frames. Use window covering in the winter to keep cold air out and close the blinds in the summer to keep heat from getting inside.

7) Have Your Unit Inspected:

By replacing your air conditioner’s filter quarterly, you can be sure it is running cleanly and efficiently. Schedule an appointment for a tune-up and have a professional examine your unit and determine if it is running as effectively as it should. Regardless of where you live, there are high-quality professionals who can do just this. If you are concerned with heating and air in Indianapolis, for example, Air Ability offers unparalleled quality service. Air Ability HVAC services will help you to lower cooling costs by giving you the best possible unit for your money.

8) Keep Your Unit Cool:

 unit outside your home, make sure you cover it in shade. Install the unit where a tree or bush will cover it from the summer sun, or provide some alternative shading.

Be a smart and savvy consumer when shopping around for an air conditioner unit. Being energy-conscious will also save your wallet so keep the above tips in mind when installing and maintaining your unit. A little bit of cooling, through a combination of fans and air conditioning, can go a long way, so think before you waste your money.

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