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A Guide to Hiring Linen for Your Wedding

A Guide to Hiring Linen for Your Wedding

Planning your own wedding often requires as much effort as you put into your full-time job, possibly even more. Most people know exactly what they want from their big day years before it happens and so you can imagine the input required to bring that dream to fruition.

One small, but vital aspect of planning your wedding is deciding on the type, style and colour of linen that is going to adorn the tables that you and your guests sit at. If you don’t know where to start, our guide will provide an all-encompassing overview of where you should begin to achieve the look you want.

Detail is Everything

Every aspect of your chosen venue and its decorations are going to be noticed by your guests. It’s the little things that really make a wedding table special. Consider incorporating the following;

  • A perfect napkin fold, a fresh flower, or a unique small gift all make the table that much more intimate and interesting.
  • Consider incorporating modern touches such as making use of unusual objects for table decorations – intricate candle holders made from glass jars are sure to be a hit.

Your linen supplier will be able to work with you to provide something that will fit right in with your surroundings.

Make Use of Bold Colours

White is of course a timeless colour that works in many settings, but why not consider trying something more unusual? Tangerine oranges and vibrant purples are sure to make a statement and really wow your guests. If done right, there is no reason that bold colours can’t match your chosen attire and that of your bridesmaid and groomsmen.

You will be able to hire table linen in a variety of colours that incorporate a range of patterns. Large linen suppliers will be able to provide a catalogue for you to choose from. If you’re unable to find something suitable, it’s always worth commissioning your own linen.

The idea is to really showcase your personality – your guests know you better than anyone so they’ll appreciate the little touches they pick up on.

Create a Focal Point

Every wedding venue should feature a focal point which stands out from the rest of the room. This should be the most high profile table which seats the bride and grooms immediate family as well as the bride and groom themselves.

The overall theme and colour scheme should match the rest of the hall but the high profile tables should go one step further, maybe by adding a special flower arrangement or by choosing luxury linen instead of the standard linen on the rest of the tables.

Variety is Important

It’s always a good idea to vary the choice of materials and patterns which are used throughout the venue. For example, strategically placed tables could feature a slightly different flower arrangement or an entirely different pattern for the table linen. The cake table should always stand out from the others so consider mimicking the style and arrangement of the head table.

This technique works well to break up the room, showcase a little design flair and creates lots of mini focal points.

Read Your Contract

When entering into an agreement to hire linen, it’s vital that you read the fine print. You not only need to know how much you’re going to pay but whether you’ll also be liable for other hidden fees which may come as a surprise.

  • Check for a damage clause which may see you paying for any items you’ve hired that are damaged throughout the course of the evening. If there are any fees associated, make sure they’re reasonable.
  • Some contracts will also feature a handling fee which may cover anything from overseeing your order to dressing your tables when the linen has arrived at your venue.

Any fee or clause that looks unreasonable should be challenged. Usually you will be able to negotiate a better price so don’t be afraid to raise the question. Also, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere if your supplier is unwilling to budge.

Logistics and Delivery

You need to know exactly when your supplier is planning on delivering your linen. The staff who manage your chosen venue will need to be on hand to receive it so communication here is vital.

You also need to know when your linen will be collected once the day is over and your guests have gone home. All of this information should form part of your contract so it’s important that you get your dates and timeline right. There will usually be a fee associated with late returns.

Finally, we always recommend that you hire additional linen so you’re covered in the event of any accidental spillages. With a few pieces of additional linen, these soiled items can be quickly swapped out for clean ones.

Size is Everything

Once you’ve decided on the colour for linen, your job doesn’t end there. Just as important is the type and size of table that your linen tablecloths will be covering.

You will rarely want to see the individual legs of each table so make sure that each tablecloth is large enough to cover not only the surface of the table but the legs as well.

There are various resources online that allow you to input the measurements of your tables which will then provide you with the correct size of tablecloth dependent upon the extent of cover you require. If you’re still struggling, be sure to ask your vendor for their advice.

Place Your Order for Hired Linen

You’re now ready to place your order. It is of vital importance that you reserve your table linen at least a month in advance to avoid disappointment. The more time you give yourself, the better. Johnsons Stalbridge are a leading supplier of wedding linen but there is sure to be a suitable company that operates in your area or will provide delivery to wherever you require it. As mentioned, always shop around to ensure value for money.

The only thing left to do is enjoy yourself and watch your big day unfold as you imagined it would.

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