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Are Marriage Records Free to the Public?

Are Marriage Records Free to the Public?

There are many reasons why one many want to find marital records or licenses. Maybe there’s a loved one you want to locate, you’re looking up your family history, or you want to determine if the person you are dating is married before taking the next step in your relationship.

Fortunately, you can find basic marital information online for free of charge through web site trial periods. You can also find marital records in person at the county or city courthouse in which the person was married. If you cannot go in person to the courthouse, for obvious reasons, such as it being in a distant state or town, it is possible to have records sent in the mail.

There are many websites that provide marital information; a couple really easy-to-use ones are provided below.

Many sites on net  known for reuniting lost loved ones and finding cherished information about a relative. Many people have created family trees, finding famous relatives. But did you know that Ancestry.com has an entire marriage registry on their website available to the public? This information is provided to the public for free through an online trial period. Much easier than going to every courthouse in the United States of America! If you know limited information, such as the person’s first and last name, you are on your way to much anticipated answers.
www.Archives.com also has a similar easy-to-use database providing marital records. This is also free of charge to use for a limited amount of time. This site of over 2.3 billion records will provide you with reliable public records that are “finger-tip” accessible.
Although this information is usually free to the public online, there are times when you may have to pay a small fee to obtain an actual copy of the marriage license. You may also be required to provide a clear and reasonable reason to obtain certain information (such as being a relative). These laws vary from state to state. Even if it does not cost you money to find records, a thorough search may cost you time and lots of red tape. You may have to apply for the records using a form or you have to photocopy pages of information (which may be in your attic or filed away in your office).

Think about the times you’ve waited in a government office with all the identification requested, yet waited for hours for the paperwork you needed or you were sent to another office to get information. It could take weeks to receive your requested documents. Therefore, many people decide to pay the fee to hire a private investigator (which can also be done confidentially online).

Private investigators are trained to find this information legally and have access to documents that you cannot get to as easily on your own. Some of them even specialize in finding marital records and doing dating background checks. You never want to find you are dating a married man or woman!
In conclusion, it is usually free to find marital information online- for example, to whom the person was married, in which state and on what date. But at times there is a cost to actually obtaining an official copy of a marriage license. This fee is approximately $10-$15 and varies from state to state. Don’t forget the cost of gas money, filling out applications, photocopying identification, finding all the information you need, and any other red tape involved!

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