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Best reviews of Deer Antler Spray are here for you!

Best reviews of Deer Antler Spray are here for you!

Before going deep into the working mechanism of the product, do you know what Deer Antler spray is? It is an animal extracted product that helps in stimulating the power of growth hormones within your body for cellular development. There are a lot of crucial proteins and bioactive chemicals involved for the growth and development of cells. If the main functional gland or organ becomes incapable of producing a hormone in the right percentage within the body, it becomes really urgent to replace the need for that hormone in important biochemical pathways to take place. Deer antler spray promotes the growth and conditioning of muscle tissues, in order to increase anabolic building of muscular unit and exhibit a lot of strength and power.

What is the history behind the use of deer antler spray?

The velvet extracts of deer antlers are of great importance in the field of medical inventions and thus is really gaining a lot of popularity in the Western countries. It has been used for several centuries as mentioned in the Eastern cultures, for its beneficial effects in the human body against the treatment of impotency in adults and headaches. If you talk about medical terms, the horns of deer antlers are also called Lu Jiao Pan in the traditional mandarin form of Chinese language. This product can be consumed in any forms of crumbs, powder, glue and the leftovers of the glue of deer horns.

The extensive use of deer antler sprays goes back in time in the Chinese folk medicine for the treatment of various types of illness and biological dysfunctions like kidney failure, improving pulmonary problems and other immunological disorders. It has a lot of healing properties and that is why, it was known as the “immortal deer antler glue” in the history of Chinese medicine.

What are the beneficial aspects of deer antler sprays?

The spray form of the product was developed much later but before that, the velvet extract was mostly used as tonics in liquid forms for over 2000 years in China. Recent studies have shown that the product holds a lot of additional benefits apart from cellular growth and development like:

  1. Increase in the count of white blood cells in order to improve response to inflammatory reactions. This helps in building the body’s immunity to a large extent that will help you fight several dangerous pathogenic infections.
  2. Used in the treatment of cerebral oedema. It is the abnormality of the brain cells where there is an accumulation of fluids in the intrinsic or extrinsic spaces of the neurons.
  3. Finds wide usage in the chemotherapy of cancer treatment.
  4. Recovers and repairs damaged muscle tissues and connective fibres.
  5. Facilitates effective weight loss.
  6. Supports the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

The deer antler horns, also called Lu Jiao Pan, are really rich in IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor-1) content. This proves that the extract can be widely used for people who are suffering from growth deficiency syndromes as the product has abundant growth factors present.

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