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Bob Simonds opens his film studio STX Entertainment

Bob Simonds opens his film studio STX Entertainment

Bob Simonds is one of the most well known producers in Hollywood right now. A veteran who has been in this industry for the past two decades, he has had many notable hits to his credit. He launched his new studio and media house STX Entertainment in 2014 and ever since then he has been making headlines for the same. The studio has already released numerous hits and has established itself as a major name to look forward to. In fact, plenty of people are asking the same question these days: Can Bob Simonds make STX Entertainment be the Next Major Studio in Hollywood? So let’s have a closer look at the STX Entertainment studio and what it plans on doing in the coming years.

STX Entertainment was formed by Bob Simonds with a goal to fill a creative void that has been developed in the Hollywood film industry over the last couple of years. The studio aims to negate the impact that has been created by the superhero movies that have become more of a trend over the last couple of years. Superhero movies tend to feature great computer effects and action sequences which are loved by people all over the world. However these movies are also somewhat predictable in terms of their storylines and hero’s arc. It is due to this reason that they are somewhat limited in terms of creativity and storylines.

On the other hand, Bob Simonds believes that movies with mature content can certainly appeal to a wider audience and can bring in substantially large amounts of profits. It is due to this reason that Bob Simonds is planning on making movies that have good storylines and are crafted brilliantly which can in turn appeal to large number of moviegoers. These movies can also have extended popularity which can lead movie lovers to spend on their DVDs. While some movie directors and producers may find this approach to be a tad bold and certainly not in line with the current trend of filmmaking, Bob Simonds is quite confident himself that his unique methods of working will ultimately pay off at the end.

It is to be remembered that this is not the first time that studios have come up with unique and different working plans. There have been plenty of instances in the past where studios have focused on making movies that are innovative and trend breaking. However, in many of such instances the studios were not able to cope up with the challenges that are so common in this industry. Judging by such history, one can say that things are not going to be easy for STX Entertainment as it tries to be the next big thing in Hollywood. One thing certainly works in their favor in that it has sufficient funds to begin with which can help the studio to manage its expenses in case some of the movies that it produces fail to come up with the desired results. That being said, it is necessary for STX Entertainment to come up with at least a few great hits that are going to define them for years to come.

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