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Carroll County Adopts Smartphone App Technology To

Carroll County Adopts Smartphone App Technology To

The cops have adopted an innovative measure to keep a continuous access of the outlaws by using latest technology. The police of the Carroll County Detention Center is using a particular advanced application developed and modified for technology giant Apple.

The smartphone app has already begun functioning from 24 May. It includes multiple features like active warrants, inmate information, press releases, crime tips, alerts, most wanted lists and notifications. In addition to this, the app also contains tools, which will enable the common person to gain information about public safety, which are otherwise not easily accessible. Colonel Phil Kasten commented that the sheriff’s office had been working on this for quite a while, to provide public with more technology based security and service.

Carroll County Adopts Smartphone AppColonel Kasten further mentioned that including the public into crime and criminal investigation would allow the police to do its work faster. If the individuals are given an alert then is it possible to identify the criminals easily and ensure public safety.

The concerned app can be downloaded on iTunes and Google Play without any expense. The software is suitable to be used in Apple and Android phones. The security personnel and the police department of the Carroll County Detention Center devised a plan to send tips to the public. A spokesperson to the County Detention Center says that the anonymous tips by the police will be helpful in arresting the most wanted criminals of the Carroll County. The spokesperson was hopeful that the app would serve as a two-way benefit, for the police department and the common people. Apart from putting the criminals into custody, the public utility of this smart phone feature is immense. The police will always be within each reach of the public. The former will always provide up to information on public safety through notifications and alerts.

Kasten particularly stresses on the importance of involving the public to enhance its own security. Unless the people are aware of their own security the police, can render their timely neither help nor can stop the increasing criminal activities. The customized tools of the app can act as a link to bridge the gap between the police and the people. Thus, ensuring mutual benefit. In a departmental statistics, provided by Col. Phil Kasten, it is evident that about five percent of the outlaws and anti-socials are responsible for about 50 percent of the crime and illegal activities in the County of Carroll. He is optimistic that this kind of focused and joint venture of the law and public will reduce the criminal doings of ordinary offenders and the also the ones with highest inclination to commit crimes.
Another advantageous feature of the smart phone app is that it allows the public to contact the law enforcement agencies throughout the country. Therefore, wherever a person is located he or she is never away from the police help. However, in practice only the Maryland agency is available on this app. The authority has plans to further extend this program.

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