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Caul bearer and its myth

A Rarity of the occurrence of Caul

To be a caulbearer is to be the luckiest on this planet. Life in this biological environment is very much diversified. And there are few instances of rarity and exceptions that actually define those diversifications. Giving birth to a baby is a very complex thing to carry out. There are a lot of complexities and other problems associated with it. However, this particular condition is so much rare that it occurs once out of 80,000 births. Many people even do not know about en-caul birth. A number of superstitions surround the birth of this kind of child. However, according to the legend amidst all the superstitions and myth en caul babies are really special and fortunate.

What is a Caul?

A baby when remains in the mother’s womb they are covered in an amniotic chamber. The amniotic chamber contains amniotic fluid in which the baby floats. Generally, during birth, the baby comes out of the amniotic chamber. However, on this rare occasion, the baby is born along with the amniotic chamber. It looks like a helmet on the head region. It covers almost the face and the head region. There are mainly two types of Caul. One that covers the head and the face portion, attached with the ear in the form of a loop. Another type is the one that extends over the head and the torso part. The baby born in this way are most often called as ‘born with a veil’.

The myths of the Caul

The baby born with caul superstition is believed to be somewhat special. In the past, it was of the perception that the baby born with a caul will never die in water that is by drowning, as they during their birth remain floating in the amniotic sac in the amniotic fluid. And for this in the Victorian age, the caul babies were purchased at good prices by the sea merchants for their protection. It was also believed that the caulbearer are gifted in a supernatural manner and they were thought to be a figure to stand against all the evil. Many stories and folklores are available regarding this En caul birth and en caul babies.

How the caul is removed?

Although very simple, still it should be done by the experts. The membranous sac which is called as the Caul, during its removal, first a practitioner performs a small cut or incision in the nose region so that the baby can breathe properly. After they there are mainly two methods to remove the amniotic membrane. They are:

  • The caul is peeled off very gently and carefully above the skin.
  • Another method is when the caul remains attached to the skin in a stringent way a paper sheet is used gently to peel of the caul.

Famous Caul Personalities?

There are many famous caul babies. The most notable of them are the Great conqueror, The Napoleon, Sigmund Freud, Lord Byron, Liberace etc. These personalities when they came to this world with their action and philosophy they have changed the course of the world.

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