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Common Types of Personal Injury Claims in Seattle

Personal injury law allows the injured person to receive compensation when their injury is a result of another person’s negligence or intentional act. A range of situation can result in a personal injury claim; however, not all cases in which a person gets hurt is going to lead to liability.

This article will cover some of the common types of personal injury claims in Seattle.

Vehicle accidents and personal injury

Different situations in a car accident can cause a driver to be found negligent in a crash. For example, driving under the influence, driving while fatigued, texting or calling, distracted driving, running red lights and speeding are clear signs of negligence.

If you have sustained injuries following an accident in Seattle, a lawyer from https://khaninjurylaw.com/ can help get the compensation to help you take care of all expenses and losses you incur.

Slip and fall personal injury claims

This is yet another common type of personal injury claim – often, they arise when someone slips on a sidewalk, falls in a store or even inside a private residence. Property owners (and sometimes, those who are renting the premise) have a legal obligation to keep the property safe and free of hazards so that people don’t get injured.

If you slip and fall, a qualified personal injury lawyer will help prove that the premise owner or any other responsible party acted in negligence, resulting in the hazardous condition that leads to the injury.

Defamation: libel and slander

Character defamation is when someone suffers an injury to his or her reputation due to false statements. If the injured person is an average person, they will need to prove that the untrue statement was said about them and that it’s caused actual harm. Celebrities, on the other hand, need to show “actual malice.” Meaning they’ll need to prove that the false statement was made recklessly or intentionally.

If you fall in either of the above categories, an experienced lawyer can help you prove that the untrue statement was indeed made and that it caused your personal injury.

Medical malpractice

From inadequate diagnosis to surgical errors and anesthesia errors to medication errors, there are numerous ways that medical malpractice can happen. Unfortunately, when a medical procedure or prescription goes wrong, then the patient may end up spending lots of money trying to rectify the issue.

Medical malpractice cases are often complicated, and your best shot is to have a lawyer by your side. This will help ensure that you get the best possible result regarding monetary compensation.

Battery and assaults

Unlike other kinds of personal injury cases, assault and battery are intentional and aren’t based on accidents due to someone’s carelessness or negligence. They happen when a person injures or harms another knowingly. Often, assault cases involve some aspects of criminal charges against the perpetrators.

For instance, if someone attacks you, he or she is likely to face criminal charges. You also can file a personal injury claim and demand for compensation for the injuries.

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