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Different ways technology accelerates church growth – The impact of tech

Different ways technology accelerates church growth – The impact of tech

It goes without mentioning that first-time guests are lifeblood for churches and still the average number of first-timers who become daily attendees later on is just 10%. Majority of the church leaders wish to make a solid first impression but the fact is that it not just takes good intentions to engage the first-time guests in your church; you need more than that. You have to give in some more effort to make sure they move towards becoming a regular member of your church.

Here, technology can play a vital in assisting your church in improving, identifying and activating the assimilation process which grows your church by integrating all first-time guests. Let’s take a look at the role of technology.

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  • Technology lets you define the process of your first-time guest

Did you know that it only takes around 5-7 minutes for a guest to create a first impression of your church? If there’s technology or some kind of church management software in use, it will let you evaluate how the guests are being greeted and when they will be greeted. This way you can improve your church manners in order to increase the number of people with positive impression.

  • Technology makes it easier for you to train your welcome team

Volunteers who comprehend the vitality of their role and who are armed in the best way to fulfill their responsibilities are important for greeting their first-time guests. With the help of technology, you can not only effectively train your volunteers but also manage and communicate with volunteers in a better manner. https://www.churchdesk.com/ is a resource for church management software which can give you information on using tech to manage all church activities.

  • Technology doesn’t let you lose track on your guests

You must be aware of the fact by now that the most vital part of handling your guests is following-up with the guests after their initial visit and engaging with them in such a way that prompts them to offer their personal details. Whichever process you choose, gathering personal information is vital and with the help of technology, you won’t lose track of your guests and you can also organize all details into a single place.

  • Technology enhances the way you follow up with your guests

With the help of technology, you can maintain a tab on the first-time guest’s personal preferences for communication and thereby follow-up in such a manner that they don’t feel disturbed and that appeals to them. You can also assign contacts for the first follow-up and track their activities via assimilation process so that no one falls out of place. In short, tech supports your goal of reaching out to all first-time guests.

Therefore, if you’re a steward who is looking forward to tighten your grip on your church, you can definitely seek help of technology and allow the different software and apps to ease off the herculean task of church management.

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