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Education Chief Of Florida Resigns After Accusation Of Changing School Gradation

The commissioner of education from Florida, Tony Bennett, resigned from his post after reports accused him of deliberately changing gradation of a school under Indiana charter. The incident forced the commissioner to resign from his present post just after completing seven months at office.

Education Chief Of Florida Tony resigned from his post of education commissioner after a report from Associated Press went viral. An article from the daily revealed shocking information about a number of e-mails that suggest an incident where Mr. Bennett directed his staff and forced him to change the grade of a charter school of Indianapolis. Accordingly, under the supervision of Bennett the gradation was officially changed from ‘C’ to Grade ‘A’.

Report of the incident spread like wild fire across all sections since reports suggested that the alteration of school grading took place during his tenure as school superintendent in the region. This comes as a shock at all official quarters since Bennett was considered as an eminent star, who pushed the movement to introduce test-based accountability across all public schools throughout the region.

The resignation came after Bennette announced a contradicting result that shook the entire community of education system of the region. The revised system was followed keeping in mind the transition of state towards a common core and standards initiated by 45 states. Accordingly, every student was entitled to learn skills of reading and basic math right from kindergarten level to high school.

While addressing a special news conference in the region of Tallahassee, the accused commissioner mentioned the reports to be malicious and unfounded.

According to reports, a time share company’s former executive, Christel DeHaan is the founder of the alleged school, of which Bennette is accused offering high grades after manipulating the records. Reports of National Institute on Money in State Politics also suggest that Christel is one of the biggest donors during the re-election campaign of Mr. Bennette.

Gradation of schools is determined under considering innumerable factors like, graduation rates of students and individual test scores, in order to make sure if the state has to take up the charges of any school or the students can be considered to vouchers financed by tax-payers in order to attend any private school.

On the other hand, several critics had been continuously contending such nature and procedure of grading system to be very simplistic. They have also accused the system adopted till date to be unfair and prone to punish any reputed school by stamping them with bad grades.

To add fuel to such contentions, Bennette also commented that Christel House was certainly a better school and offering commendable service at the kindergarten level and although many would have been pleased to see it acquiring ‘C’ grade, he would not have been satisfied with the results.

The former commissioner also jumped a step forward to prove his notion by elucidating that Christel House belonged to the group of institutions that were accused of getting unreasonable favor of changed grades. He even clarified that the institutions were under-graded by mistake at an initial level, in accordance to rating system followed for graduation-based institutions. However, in reality, those schools did not even fall under high schooling system.

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