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Ensuring That Your Project Is Done on Time and to Budget

The building and construction industry tends to operate according to boom and bust cycles in line with economic growth. In times of growth, many local and government-funded projects are operating simultaneously, but the consequences of the delays to the project can cost stakeholders some serious money.

Meeting Deadlines and the Right Tools for the Job

Every construction project is phased according to a strict timeline and budget considerations. Meeting these deadlines is crucial to remaining on track in terms of the final deadline and retaining the goodwill of stakeholders. This model applies in both publicly funded and privately funded projects.

This schedule is a challenge for any project manager, but ensuring that the project is not delayed is the key to meeting deadlines. A big part of this is ensuring that the right tools are on-hand for the job. When critical site equipment breaks down, it can cause costly delays that has the knock-on effect of decreasing morale and motivation.

For example, air compressors are a critical component of most construction sites today, whether private or public. Ensuring that the right type of compressor is being used for the job also ensures that work is not delayed. For example, the rotary screw air compressor is ideal for many purposes, including powering the jackhammer.

The Benefits of the Rotary Screw Air Compressor

A critical fixture of most construction sites, the rotary screw air compressor offers the following advantages over the older prison driven units:

  • smoother operation and less fluctuation in air pressure, and
  • less vibration due to the fact that there is less air flow surge within the unit.

Even before embarking on the funded project, it is wise to ensure that all tools and equipment are in top condition. An air compressor service in Melbourne will ensure that the unit is running in good condition.

Having Your Air Compressor Serviced On-Site

The best air compressor servicing companies can perform services on-site so that delays are minimised. This is good news for both project managers and project stakeholders who are relying on deadlines and budgets to be met.

The ideal service should offer the following:

  • Experience: Servicing air compressors of many different types, including rotary, piston, and oil-free, requires a lot of industry experience. Given how critical it is that all on-site equipment remain in top condition, it is vital to use the services of a company that understands all makes and models and also how important a functioning air compressor is to the project. In fact, some companies in this space offer up to 200 years of experience between them.
  • Professionalism: The mark of any good company is how they communicate with customers and clients and how professional they are in their dealings.
  • On-site service: Though air compressor servicing companies will offer fully equipped workshops, the best ones can also travel to a site with a special vehicle that contains a portable workshop.

Air compressors do a lot of work, and making sure they are running at their best will ensure that your project gets underway on time, meets all deadlines, and fulfils stakeholder expectations.


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