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Fitness Requirements to Become a Professional Race Cyclist

Fitness Requirements to Become a Professional Race Cyclist

The objective of any sports activity is to present in front of spectators a competition, wherein one team or individual wins the game. The adrenaline rush, the excitement that one feels as a spectator, is doubled if the match has a nail biting finish. However, that is possible if only the two individuals or the two teams are a match for each other with regard to physical prowess, agility, fitness and training. According to race cycling expert Joshua Hunt fitness should be the primary prerogative of an athlete. A sportsperson must be physically fit to endure the exhaustion innate in any sport.

Moreover, Joshua Hunt also mentions that proper fitness is all the more essential in case of a race cyclist. Cycling as an activity requires excellent level of fitness, so that one is able to continue pedalling for long hours. Additionally, the athlete should be agile and light so that the bike is not overburdened.  Hunt has been cycling since the age of sixteen and for the past seven years been an important member of the ONE Pro Cycling team.

According to Hunt the following tips and strategies can be followed to ensure excellent physical fitness.

  • Healthy food: All serious cyclists must eat healthy food. As cycling burns a lot of calories, it is essential to eat protein rich food. This will ensure that energy is slowly released to the muscles, which subsequently will make sure that the muscles of the legs do not get tired due to continued pedalling.
  • Prevent exhaustion: Cycling is an exhausting activity. Hunt advises fellow cyclists to keep themselves hydrated while cycling. This will prevent the muscles from getting fatigued due to a build-up of acid in the muscles. Fluids will continue to replenish the water lost by the body in the form of sweat.
  • Regular training: For any serious race cyclist, it is essential to undergo proper training. This not only strengthens the muscles, but also builds up endurance levels. Endurance is essential especially if one is considering cross country racing or speed cycling. Physical endurance will help the cyclist overcome the exhaustion that one feels after cycling for long hours.

Thus, Hunt believes that with proper training and fitness one can definitely become a professional cyclist. Joshua Hunt also mentions that agility is essential for a cyclist. This will help one to handle the bike in an efficient manner.

Being agile ensures that the weight of the cyclist is properly distributed on the bike. Moreover, it will also help the cyclist to maintain the balance of the bike. Maintaining a perfect weight level is essential for all professional cyclists. Hunt advices his fellow cyclists to be careful about what they eat. Even the slightest increment in weight can spoil the chances of making it to a professional cycling even or even a team. Thus, with proper vigilance on one’s weight, fitness levels, training and endurance building, any amateur cyclists can consider becoming a professional sportsperson.

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