In general a cigar is a tightly rolled small bundle consists of dried, fermented, grained tobacco leaf. It is rolled with a series of types and size which helps to ignited brings smoke into the mouth. This kind of tobacco plants are highly grown in Brazil, Cuba, USA and many more countries. But still the origin of cigar smoking is unknown in the industry, in tenth century Mayan used to smoke tobacco leaves tied with a string and that is popularly known as sikar. The word sikar used by Maya have inspired the popular name cigar around the world. In world this kind of cigar are very famous and it is available around the world in an affordable cost. In this cigar family there are many different types of cigar manufactured by most of the countries such as cuban cigars. Cigar are used form 14th century since now it cover a large people in the international market, even still handmade cigar are highly liked by the used for this kind of handmade cigar companies providing a world class traditional cigar manufacturing. In 1992 top 5 cigar manufacturing companies are awarded by a popular magazine.

Cigar manufacturing and marketing distribution around world

The manufacturing of tobacco started with the process known as curing, it is a process of harvested tobacco leaves are aged under a process of heat and shade. This helps to reduce the water and sugar content in the leaves. It takes around 25-45 days and the places of storing; climate takes an important role in the process. Next the second process is fermentation, it is common process designed to dry the leaf slowly in a particular temperature. After this the leaves are grained and filled or rolled in a small bundle of pieces. Low grade and machine made cigar chopped the tobacco leaves which are used for the fillers. A long leaf or a paper is used to wrapper the binds of the cigar products. In manufacturing companies to entertain cigar factory workers a lector or a reader is employed. It is changed with the audio books for the music players available. But even still it in practices in some cuban cigar manufacturing factories.

Worldwide market in online cigar store in recent days

Online trading company grows very faster comparing all other mode of trade. Recently cigar sales in the online website are very popular a huge variety of brands and products are available in the online store. In simple it is a common place to purchase all kind of product in an affordable cost. This kind of website provides a world class quality in sales with plenty of discounts and offers to help the customer to place their orders. Many leading corporate provides an international distribution of the cigar with high quality and cost effective. Order are delivered within 3 working days, offer shipping at free of cost in domestic orders. This website services is available in 24*7 facilities around the world. With high professional customer care executive happy to hear customers orders in a friendly manner.

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