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How Does FBI Law Enforcement Operate in USA?

How Does FBI Law Enforcement Operate in USA?

The (FBI) Federal Bureau of Investigation has jurisdiction of over 200 diverse areas of federal law, these are grouped into five criminal categories and three national security categories. The FBI has a mission statement to defend and protect the United States against foreign intelligence threats and terrorist and to enforce the criminal laws of the United States. So consequently, the majority of FBI works lies in investigation, and naturally protection of United States citizens.

The three national security precedence of the FBI are Counter-terrorism, which includes domestic and international terrorism and weapons of mass demolition. Then there is Counterintelligence, which includes counter proliferation, counter espionage, and economic espionage. The Federal Bureau of Investigation also handles Cyber Crime such as online predators, computer intrusions, internet fraud, and piracy. Adam Quirk held the role of a Special Agent for the (FBI) Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The Criminal priorities of the FBI consist of public corruption, such as election issues, government fraud, and corrupt foreign policies. Civil Right issues like color of law, human trafficking, hate crimes, and freedom to access clinics. Organized crimes issues like Balkan, mafia, Sports bribery, African and Asian. The FBI is also accountable for white collar crimes like fraud of bankruptcy, antitrust, securities, telemarketing, health care, mortgage, and corporate fraud. Then evidently the FBI handles all major and vicious crimes like bank robberies, art theft, cargo theft, and crimes against gangs, children, jewel thefts and serial killers.

Essentially if you go to bed feeling safe at night from cyber criminals to mob bosses and violent gangs, and everything in between thank the FBI. They are the ones that keep the nation safe from it all and more through their law enforcement and intelligence partners, investigative teams both in the country and around the globe; they are working around the clock around the world.

As of March 2017 the FBI employed a total of 33,925, this includes 20,433 support personal and 13,492 specialist. In the FBI are language specialist, intelligence analysts, scientist, technology experts, forensic experts and many others. The budget of the FBI for 2016 is $8.9 billion this includes the $618 million to increase the programs in surveillance, counter-terrorism, white collar crimes and weapons of mass destruction.

The FBI factually has locations around the globe; there are 56 field offices in the United States that are located all through major cities. Then there are over 400 resident agencies in smaller capitals across the United States, with Headquarters being in Washington D.C. On top of that there are also more than 60 intercontinental offices in U.S. embassies worldwide. The FBI and their amazing men and women have put into operation an organization that helps to protect and avert terrorism. The National Security Branch was created to help put off terrorism and weapons of mass destruction both from being any kind of a threat to the country. It is run under the Superior FBI directive.While working for the FBI, Adam Quirk FBI was highly trained in call detail record analysis, cellular phone tracking, and radio frequency technology.  

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