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How Effective Are Foot Orthotics

How Effective Are Foot Orthotics

Even today, there are some people who doubt the effectiveness of foot orthotics. While there are some orthotics that do not work as well as others, you should not ignore the facts that they are created to help our feet. If you have any doubt, you can schedule an appointment at Orthotic Solutions Podiatry in Bondi Junction .

There are a ton of articles that show evidence that orthotics can prevent and help heal problems such as knee pain, common feet injuries, shin splints and any similar pain in our feet. However, what kind of scientific evidence is supporting the belief that over-the-counter orthotics or the ones that are custom made can speed the heeling of injuries or prevent them?

Plantar Fasciitis

This is one of the most common foot injuries and they are treated by ankle and feet physicians. It is seen as a debilitating condition that can be categorized by subcalcaneal pain. It is thought to occur because of number of reasons, which include the abnormal mechanics of our feet and overuse.

The impact of custom-made orthotics has been investigated, on the pain and disability for individuals with plantar fasciitis. A conclusion was draw where the semi-rigid orthotics can significantly lower the pain experience while we walk and they can even reduce the global measures of disability and pain for patients who have chronic PF.

Rheumatoid Arthitis

RA is known as a very painful systematic disease. It attacks all the joints in our body and it results in swelling and inflammation, bone breakdown and cartilage, together with joint dislocation. Because of this, people have skeletal loss of shape and pain, alignment, and loss of movement. Many patients who suffer from this usually develop foot pathology.

There was an experiment that compared the effects we get from the semi-rigid and soft orthotics that are worn in supportive shoes, and the supportive shoes worn alone. The conclusion of that study was that the semi-rigid orthoses that were worn in supportive shoes were effective for the treatment of metatarsalgia. Just the supportive shoes worn alone did not help with pair or metatarsalgi.

PTTD (Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction)

PTTD is considered today to be a part of an even greater progressive condition that we call AAF, or adult acquired flatfoot. It is known to result in significant changes in multiple ligaments in our feet. The contributing factors include diabetes, age and obesity and often the patients are not in shape for surgery, which is why many sides need to be explored for treatment; for example, orthotics.

The painful feet

Besides the above-mentioned, there are also many other studies that have shown how the custom foot orthotics can help with many painful foot conditions. For example, after the examination of the effects of orthotics therapy for painful cavus foot it was conducted that the custom-foot-orthotics were more efficient that the usual control for the treatment.


This is one condition that everyone is already familiar with, and the medical complications and costs are well-understood. The properly designed foot orthotics together with orthopedic shoes, cam walkers, AFOs… etc, are essential.

Final word

As soon as you feel pain in your feet, it is important that you schedule an appointment with your podiatrist, and this especially applies to individuals who lead active lives or are athletes. If you need any great suggestions, you always ask for help from Podiatrist Rose Bay from Orthotic Solutions Podiatry!

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