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How to be Predictable with the Colours and Numbers of Flowers

How to be Predictable with the Colours and Numbers of Flowers

Flowers are pleasing with their appearance. It has the capability of changing the whole atmosphere surrounding you. Whenever you visit a place, which is decorated with various colourful and aromatic flowers, a sudden happiness encloses your mind and body. You feel festive in yourself. Flowers are efficient to bring the cause of celebrations with them, sometimes without any prior notice!

How flowers can have different impressions

 Yes, this is true. Flowers are one of the greatest creations of nature. You must not be aware of the unlimited varieties of flowers on this earth. However, if we count on the range of flowers, which are at our reach, you definitely get amazed with the numerous species and every variety of every species! As an example, a rose is an adorable one among us. Roses are of various colors including white, pink, red, yellow, black, orange and many more to mention in the list.

 So, be a little bit meaningful whenever you get flower delivery in Germany or other places in the world, to make the intended person smile! Let us see how different colored roses carry different meaning with them.

  • Red color

Sincere love, courage and respect, congratulations, and passion

  • White color

Purity, innocence, secrecy, reverence, silence, humanity and heavenly

  • Pink color

Appreciation, grace, thaks-giving, happiness, admiration and gentleness

  • Yellow color

Joy, friendship, gladness, promising something, jealousy and delight

  • Coral color


  • Orange color

Enthusiasm, fascination and desire

  • Lavender color


  • Blue color

The impossible

  • Balck color

Death and farewell

 Just like the colors of roses, numbers also matters while bestowing roses upon your loved ones. Whether you are sending flowers to Germany or anywhere else across the country, always match the numbers of roses in your arrangement.

 Here is a brief:

  • 1 Rose- depicts your utmost devotion
  • 2 Roses- entwined together they communicate as ‘Marry Me’!
  • 6 Roses – signifies your need to be loved
  • 11 Roses – assures the recipient that he/ she is truly loved
  • 13 Roses – signifies of a secret admirer

 To summarize, be it any flower just keep in mind its significance along with the colors. This is the best way to get flowers for helping you in your ways.

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