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How To Choose The Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner

How To Choose The Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a great machine to keep your floors tidy. But, you may be confusing because of the variety of models available. If you own a pet, you should choose upright vacuums. They are great to pick up pet hair. They are also easier to store than cylinders. However, these models may be noisier and heavier than cylinder vacuums. To help you learn more about the upright vacuum cleaners, we are here to give you some important things related upright vacuums.

Upright vacuum cleaner checklist

These vacuums use a motorized and rotating brush. They are great for pulling up dust and dirt from your floors. This rotating brush also can be able to pick up pet hair so well.

Here are the key things to consider when you are finding an upright vacuum cleaner. But, you need to know cleaners are different significantly from individual models. They are able to collect twice as much dust as others. They also help to leave pet hair behind. Also, you can easily use upright vacuums.

Also, you need to check reviews of all products in order to avoid making a costly mistake when buying.

Size and storage

The places you will store your vacuum cleaners will decide the size and type of vacuum cleaner you should buy. These vacuum cleaners come with no potentially awkward hose section. So, you can easily store them.

Vacuum weight and reach

The reach of a vacuum cleaner may vary in length from six to 15 meters. The average reach is 8.6m while the average reach of cylinder vacuums is more than 10m. If your house has many floors, you should choose an upright vacuum cleaner with a long power cord. Thanks to it, you needn’t swap between electrical sockets. If you want to clean both upstairs and downstairs, you should find a light upright vacuum. It allows you to easily carry up the stairs. And then, you can pay attention to a cordless upright vacuum cleaner. These vacuums offer less than half the weight of corded vacuum models.

Vacuum cleaners for all floor surfaces

Each surface requires different settings. But, some vacuum cleaners are designed especially for cleaning one type of flooring. You should check the vacuum cleaner reviews to find ones that are suitable for cleaning the flooring in your home. We recommend you to buy the best vacuumcleaners.

The wattage of vacuum cleaners

Not all vacuum cleaners coming with a high wattage guarantee you’re getting a good model for cleaning. But, you have to use more energy for these models.

Noisy vacuum cleaners

You will have to consider vacuum cleaner noise if you have a baby who is sleeping during the day. But, you can’t check for this before you buy the vacuum cleaner. In fact, each vacuum cleaner offers different sound levels. The upright models are normally noisier than cylinder vacuum models. That’s why you should choose a model scoring four stars or above for noise in our tests.

The price of upright vacuum cleaners

You may have to pay about £180 for the average upright vacuum cleaner. Thus, make sure the vacuum cleaners you choose have to be worth. They also come with high quality. You can look for upright vacuum cleaners from a wide variety of brands available in the market today. You should consider some famous brands such as Dyson, Miele, Hoover, or Sebo. Make sure you choose a vacuum cleaner that can get the job done properly. It’s easy to get a perfect upright vacuum cleaner with about £150. If you want to get a bit cheaper model, you can look for good cylinder vacuum cleaners. They are under £100.


Nowadays, there are so many options as well as available technology. So, it’s important to follow the use of vacuum or floor-cleaning tool manufacturer’s instructions. The machine you go for should be appropriate for the type of cleaning you have to do. They also have to come with the maintenance and safety. In this post, we mentioned all essential information about upright vacuum cleaners you need to know. Hope they are helpful when you are going to choose a good upright vacuum cleaner.

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