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How to plan the best destination wedding

Destination weddings are an opportunity to treat yourself and your loved ones to a much-deserved holiday away. Your wedding might be set on a secluded beach on a tropical island, or in a beautiful church in a picturesque European town. But to ensure your destination wedding is dreamlike and not dreadfully stressful, there are a few tips you should follow. We have put together a list of the most important things to remember when planning the best destination wedding ever.

Dream big  

When you are first considering a destination wedding, allow yourself to daydream. Don’t put any restraints on your imagination. Think about the very best destination wedding you can think of, a wedding to satisfy your deepest wedding fantasies. Then, once you’ve narrowed down on what you really want, you can start to figure out how to do it within your means.

Match your dress to the location

Take the opportunity to get really creative and glam with your wedding dress choices. For a destination wedding set on an island or beachside town, research beautiful beach wedding dresses and short wedding dresses. Beach wedding dresses are generally floaty, flowy, slightly bohemian and have an oceanside Goddess vibe to them. Or, you could go California girl style and choose a short wedding dress with bare feet, bronzed skin and tousled hair. Let your destination direct your wedding dress choice for you!

Start planning super early

This one goes without saying. Planning a destination wedding requires a lot more organization than a regular wedding. To make it run smoothly and with minimal stress, start far in advance so you can chip away at it at a relaxed rate. Start with your venue, service providers (i.e. food, makeup, hair, entertainment etc.) and make sure everything is booked and secured early. Do thorough research and learn from reviews, forums and personal recommendations to ensure you get getting the best value for your money .

Check with your most loved-ones first

Before you go ahead and make bookings and set plans in motion, double-check with your loved ones that they’re available. If you can’t imagine a wedding without your parents, siblings and closest friends, make sure to find a date to accommodate them all.

Send wedding invites early

Give everyone a lot of time in advance to plan their flights and get time off work. It also means that you will have an idea of your numbers early on, so you can go ahead and plan food and accommodation if need be. Do be prepared that many people simply won’t be able to come if there is a lot of travel involved, especially if they have young children or demanding jobs. But that’s generally expected of destination weddings…and in fact, it can be why many people choose them! It means that you end up with the most dedicated friends and family, and the people who really want to be there.

Be clear on what’s expected of the guests

It’s important to let your guests know exactly what’s expected of them. Make sure they know if they’re supposed to sort out their own accommodation or if you have booked out a hotel already. Make sure they know how long you’d like them to be there for, as you may prefer to have some time alone with your spouse. In that case, give them a rough timeline with the best day for them to arrive and depart. Give them an idea of what activities might be in store for them, and if you require any help or assistance with the wedding. And most of all, let them know how special it is to you that they would make the trip to support you on your big day.

Make sure you have holiday time

And lastly, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to actually enjoy your destination. Make sure that before and after (especially after) the wedding, you have time to completely relax with your spouse and your loved ones. Treat it as a holiday break with a wedding as the main feature.


A destination wedding is an event you and your guests will cherish for the rest of your lives. To ensure it is smooth-sailing and joyous, give yourself lots of time to plan. Use your destination as inspiration for your wedding dress, and most importantly, take time to relax.

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