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How To Reduce And Manage Heel Pain Effectively

How To Reduce And Manage Heel Pain Effectively

Many people suffer from the problem of heel pain more often. It may be caused due to numerous reasons such as wearing high heels, some injury, prolonged standing in the same position or strain on the feet due to certain reasons. Since your entire body weight is balanced on your feet therefore you need to keep them in good health and free from any pain. In order to reduce and manage this type of pain, you will come across numbers of effective remedies. Let us now discuss about the treatment for heel pain in a natural manner so that you may get relieved instantly and carry on with your routine activities.

Ice pack is an effective remedy

When your heels are stressed or strained, there is inflammation and swelling as well apart from pain. To manage all such symptoms and get rid of heel pain, you may use an ice pack over the affected area. Ice pack helps in alleviation of pain, swelling as well as inflammation. Also it numbs down the pain so that you may have a better feeling. With the help of an ice pack, you can surely get relieved of the severe pain in your heels instantly and in an effective manner.

Exercise helps a lot

Though you may not feel like getting engaged in exercise when you have feel pain however it proves to be an effective treatment for heel pain. By moving your feet while exercising you can improve blood and oxygen supply to the feet. This in turn helps in relieving pain to significant extent. Under the guidance of a professional physiotherapist, you can do some flexing and stretching exercises for heels. It improves mobility and extent of range of motion of your feet. Thus you can get recovered at a rapid pace.

Offer support to the heels

While walking you need to offer support to your heels. It helps in offering relief from pain and other symptoms. At the same time, your movement is not restricted this way. For this, you can use some inserts in your shoes so as to adjust your feet comfortably. You can choose and pick such supporters by trying it beforehand. With the help of support, you can raise the level of your heels to some extent which in turn allows you to walk or carry out other movements easily.

Resting is equally important

Apart from exercise and movement, you need to offer some rest and relaxation too to your feet. It is because severe pain in heels may get aggravated due to constant walking or movement. In this respect, offering some rest to your feet helps in early recovery. As an instance, you may take a day or two off from your routine work and relax down at home.

Massaging is also effective

Massage is also an effective and natural treatment for heel pain. You can use some warm oil and massage the affected area. It improves blood circulation which in turn relaxes the strained muscles in the feet.

By opting for any of these remedies, you can surely get rid of heel pain and enjoy pain-free movement.

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