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If I Do Not Win Can I Make Another Car Crash Claim?

If I Do Not Win Can I Make Another Car Crash Claim?

If you make a personal injury claim for a car accident, and your claim loses, it is important to take a step back and consider why your claim lost, before you consider whether making another claim is worthwhile.

The most common reason for personal injury claim failure, is a lack of evidence to support the statements you make about your level of liability. For example, the other side may contest their liability completely, if you say one thing happened, but their client says that another thing happened. It is usually the case that you can settle such personal injury claims on a ‘split liability agreement’, where you accept a percentage of the blame, however this is not always the case, and especially if the other side has evidence against you.

Another reason your claim might have lost, is because you hired an incompetent lawyer. For instance, if your car crash lawyer failed to build a compelling case for compensation for you, then that may be the reason behind your claim’s failure.

Getting a Second Opinion

If you have recently lost your car crash claim, it is important that you get a second opinion about your case. Many people who have made unsuccessful claims for car crash have gone onto win compensation, because they hired another (and better) lawyer.

The good news is that getting a second opinion should not cost you anything, since initial consultations with lawyers are usually free. The bad news is that it could transpire that your claim lost ‘fair and square’, because of a lack of evidence. Regardless of the possible outcome of getting a second opinion, however, it is still worth getting one, since that could be the difference between accepting claim failure and winning compensation.

Accepting the Facts about your Case

One thing that you must do, regardless of the second opinion you get, is heed the legal advice you receive and accept the facts surrounding your case. If you are told by a lawyer that your case is winnable, and that they would like to take it on for you, then that show of confidence can be trusted. However, you should also trust any negative feedback you receive, since it will come from a qualified and highly experienced lawyer.

If you are still unhappy with the outcome of a second opinion, however, you can always get a third opinion. But by then, you might be wasting your own time. So, when it comes to considering making a second claim for compensation, consider the facts that surround your case, and seek expert legal advice to establish what your current legal position is. It might well be that you do have a strong claim, and a second claim can be made for the accident.

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