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Important Discoveries in Chemistry

Over the course of human development, just like the influence of technology, chemistry also has deeply impacted and changed our lives in a drastic manner. From decades, we have been experimenting and eventually found ways to figure out the cures of diseases. Below we have mentioned some important discoveries in the field of chemistry which are helping us in our everyday lives.


The study of radiation happened over a long time and in the year 1896 a scientist named Henri Becquerel came up with the concept of X Rays. He was working with fluorescent materials and with gradual successful experimentation, he discovered Uranium which is very well known for emitting radiation without the presence of the sun. This mineral is represented as ‘U’ at the bottom of the periodic table and has an atomic weight of 238 and 92 as atomic number.


It is the most fascinating discovery of this century and was discovered in Britain in the 1960s. The demand for a flat display screen of the British Army led to the discovery of the Liquid Crystal Display feature. The problem lying there was the hot temperature which comes along with the functioning of LCDs and to tackle this problem, on the 1970s a scientist George Gray came up with a molecule which goes by the name of 5CB which helped massively in the production of these flat screen TVs.


This process is referred to the combustion of Atmospheric hydrogen with nitrogen and producing ammonia. This made a major impact in the agricultural field and was used as fertilizers for the crops which helped the crops to intake nitrogen and yield a beneficial production year. It lent a helping in the production of more and more plants and creating a rapid growth in the food chain. This is the reason behind the exponential population growth in the last century.


This is the most common plastic found and used every day. A scientist named Hans von Pechmann discovered it in 1898. He and his colleagues studied the organic chemistry reactions and found out that it was made up of long molecular chains known as polymethylene and soon a new way to produce plastic was found and is being used ever since.


This was discovered by Alexander Fleming in the year 1940 and soon scientists produced penicillin to aid humans. Because of this drug, the death ratio due to minor bacterial infection has fallen down drastically since then.

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