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Just a Few of the Situations when you Will Need a Solicitor

Just a Few of the Situations when you Will Need a Solicitor

The legal experts work silently in the background as transactions and disputes are settled according to the law, and there are many different fields that a solicitor might specialise in. British law is extremely complex, which is why we always require a lawyer whenever dealing with legal matters, and if you have ever wondered about the many specialist fields of law, here are some of the situations when a person would seek out legal counsel.


Criminal Proceedings

If a person is formally charged by a police officer, the first thing they should do is call a lawyer, and if that person does not have the funds to do so, the Crown will pay for their legal counsel. If bail is granted, then the accused and their solicitor would gather what evidence they have to support their innocence, as would the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). A criminal lawyer would only work with this specific field of law, and his or her skill, can literally make the difference between guilty as charged, or acquittal.


Legal separation can be emotionally distressing, especially when children are involved. It is technically possible for both parties to mutually agree on every aspect of the divorce, and in this case, a solicitor would only be required for a short time, however, very often the two parties cannot reach agreement, which might be concerning assets or the children. If you feel that your marriage is not working, and you live in the north of England, JWP Solicitors are the people to talk to, as they are a group of lawyers who are specialists in their own fields.

Wills & Probate

When a person dies, if they have made a will, then this would have been put together by a solicitor, who would ensure that the document was legally binding and composed in the correct format. The deceased person would have selected an executor when they wrote the will, and the executor’s role is to administrate the deceased person’s estate, as instructed in the will.

Challenging a Will

There are times when a family member feels they have been treated unfairly in regard to a will, and using a solicitor, it is possible to contest the said will. An experienced probate solicitor would be able to tell you whether your claim would be successful or not, based on the information and evidence provided.

Personal Injury

If a person is injured, and they feel that a third party’s negligence was the reason for the injury, they can claim compensation from that third party. This is a common occurrence in modern society, and often, a passenger in a vehicle that is involved in an accident will claim against the driver’s insurance. Every business has public liability insurance (PLI), which is there in the event of any claim for damages connected with the business.

There are, of course, many other fields of law, but the above situations are common in the UK. An online search would soon put you in touch with the right kind of solicitor who can bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion.

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