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Keeping yourself out of the emergency room this summer

Festivals and community events are the heartbeats of summer but with them come cases of people ending up in the emergency room. If you don’t want to be one of the people whose fun get interrupted, we suggest that you heed our advice on these tips of staying safe during these occasions.

Keep hydrated

This first one if perhaps the backbone of everything else and is mainly within your control. If you don’t do anything else on this list, keeping hydrated is what we insist you ought to do. With the heat, dehydration is inevitable and that in and of itself can get prevented by water.

The lethal combination comes when a person is perched and end up taking drugs and alcohol. It could lead to one massive hangover or a trip to the emergency room. We’re not asking you to keep a chart, just remember, for every bottle of beer you drink, have a glass of water. You can thank us later.

Know your limit

Festivals tend to come with a wild feeling to them, but we suggest that you keep the alcohol and drugs to levels you can handle. If you don’t know what it is, it’s probably a good idea not to take it. We understand your curiosity,but you want to try new things in a controlled environment. Even a quarter of a pill of something you’ve never consumed can take you on a trip, leaving you exposed to dangers. Saying “I need a family lawyer” could make perfect comedy footage, but a slowing heartbeat and blue lips, not so much.

Keep cool and protected

As with every summer article you’ve come across, sunscreen has made its way to this list too. Science tells us that our skin with thank us in later years for wearing some when under the sun. Only remember to reapply as you go about your party. Large brimmed hats and sunglasses should also be a constant companion during the festival or event.

It is okay to tap out

In the era of FOMO, it is not unusual to find someone partying themselves to exhaustion. Sure, we want to experience all that the festival has to offer but wearing your body down is not the way to go. Consider looking at the scheduled programs and choose what you cannot miss and stick to those events. That way, you’ll have enough time to rest (sleep and an alcohol break) and be truly present.

Lastly, be your friend’s keeper. It’s what a good one does.

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