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Let’s Be Part oF Excitement in Sail Sabang 2017

Let’s Be Part oF Excitement in Sail Sabang 2017

Sail Sabang 2017 is a festival to be held on Sabang Island, which is an island in the western tip of Indonesia. This festival will be held on a large scale, which includes various races, carnivals, festivals, and performances. Sail Sabang itself is an event as a manifestation of the wonder of Indonesia as a large archipelago country. If you visit Indonesia, take your time to participate in excitement in this event. In this event, Sabang as a regional organizer has a goal to promote Sabang tourism to the international level. Therefore, the series of events that will be there in this festival certainly will not disappoint you.

Sail Sabang itself is a unique festival that you will only find in Indonesia. Of course this is closely related to the geographical conditions in Indonesia where it is surrounded by marine waters throughout the country. In this event, there will be 2 sailing routes that will be managed by professional coordinator in sailing. If you come as a tourist in this event, you can enjoy your trip by participating in the Expo that being held. Simply put, there are many things you can get here. Therefore, there are several interesting reasons for you to come to Sail Sabang 2017 festival.

  1. Participate in Underwater Photo Contest

Sabang is an island in the western tip of Indonesia. Around this island, there is an amazing underwater world to discover. In Sail Sabang which will be held in December, you can participate in photo contest in the underwater world. In this contest, you will capture amazing photos of the underwater world of Sabang waters. Discover the wonderful underwater sight around Sabang on this occasion.

  1. Be Part of Free Diving Championship

At the festival held this time, you can also participate in the Free Diving Championship. If you are a fan of diving activities, this race must be an interesting contest for you. You just have to visit Sail Sabang to participate in this diving race.

  1. Join the Excitement of Sabang Expo

In addition to various races and contests, you also participate in festivals and Expos to be held in Sail Sabang. One of them is Sabang Expo which will show the culture and art of Sabang. You can learn more about the wonderful cultural heritage here.

  1. Join the Excitement of Marine Expo

Marine Expo on Sabang Sail is actually an activity that includes many things. One of them is the contest diving and photo contest that has been mentioned. But here, there are many more things you can find about this marine festival.

  1. There are Many More to be Find Here

In Sabang Sail, there will be many other things you can find. Various contests, competitions, and performances can be found here. Some of them will be organized aerobic and parachute competitions for extreme sports fans.

In Sail Sabang 2017 event let’s know more about the wonder of Indonesia. If you are traveling in Indonesia, it would be a pity if you missed this event. Because here, there will be many excitements that you can get to complete your travel.

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