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Low Cost of Brain Surgery in India

Low Cost of Brain Surgery in India

Brain Surgery

The high success rate of the brain surgery in India is the reason many people including foreigners have their medical treatment done here. The brain tumor is an abnormal growth in the brain tissue. Since, the space inside the head is restricted any kind of unrestricted growth like this can lead to serious complications.

Types of tumors

A tumor may be cancerous or noncancerous. The growth will put pressure on the inside of the skull and this could lead to life-threatening consequences. One may classify the tumors into primary and secondary tumors. The primary tumors are those that occur within the region of the brain. The secondary ones occur in another part of the body after spreading from the primary cancer zone.

Cost of the surgery

A brain marrow transplant could cost you Rs25,000 in India while it costs anything up to Rs2,00,000 in the US or the UK. In addition, a bypass surgery will cost Rs6,000 in India and Rs30,000 in UK and the US. Therefore, you can see the price of brain tumor surgery in India is one-fifth to one-eighth of that in foreign countries.

Factors determining the treatment options

The treatment for the tumor depends on a number of factors as given below:

  1. Size of the tumor
  2. Type of the tumor
  3. Growth rate of the tumor
  4. Location of the tumor
  5. Health of the patient

Types of treatments possible

The four kinds of treatment option you have for treating the tumor is as follows:
Surgery: Considered the last option by the physicians, surgery may be the only way to remedy the situation if things are already out of hand. When tumors are small, one can remove it easily.

Chemotherapy: You can use this option to destroy cancer cells through medicine. The doctors will administer the drugs in the form of medicines or as an injection. Temozolomide is the most commonly administered drug.

Radiation therapy: We project protons, X-rays, and similar high-energy beams in the body to kill the cancer cells. We can either place the beam very close to the tumor or use an external beam. We use the external beam when the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. Fatigue, headache, and loss of hair, are common side effects of radiation therapy.

Targeted Drug therapy: This therapy focuses on the abnormalities present in the cancer cell. They then block them leaving the cancer cells to die. Avastin is a drug to prevent the formation of new blood vessels.

India as an option

Considering the high success rate of the surgeries in India and the cost of brain tumor surgery in India,it is no wonder that most of the people choose to have their medical treatment done here in India. India has the finest neurosurgeons and healthcare facilities. They are skilled, experienced, and save you a lot of money. Choose from among the best hospitals in India and compare the costs.

The risk of the incidence of cancer is more if any person in the family had cancer. If you work in a zone where the ionizing radiation is more, then you might develop a tumor. In addition, exposure to certain types of chemicals might make you develop the tumor.

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