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NandrobolinSteroids and Its Usage

NandrobolinSteroids and Its Usage

While coming to steroids usage a user has multiple options to choose from. This is both convenient and frustrating as this gives a user lots of choices. There are so much to consider– effectiveness, price, availability, comparison with other brands and so many other things when coming to a purchase. Also, many drugs are legal in one part of the country while not in others. So a user, before deciding and choosing a product will have to take into consideration so many things and then place an order. Nandrobolin is one such drug which is often confused with NandroloneDecanoate. The latter drug is the main component in Nandrobolin so it can be really confusing which one to use.

Dosage and cycle of this drug

This drug is very effective and said to have a good anabolic effect on users who use it for weight lifting and bodybuilding purpose. Normally called as Nandroboline 250, this drug comes in many forms. This drug is claimed to provide the user with strength, stamina, muscle gain, lean mass gain, weight gain and provide quick recovery between workouts. As the name says, it comes in 250mg per capsule. The dosage for bodybuilders can range from 200 to 600 mg per week. If a user is taking this for the first time and not used to steroid cycle, should start with relatively lower dosages and then keep increasing. This is very effective because it can be used for both cutting and bulking cycles. This product is often stacked with Trenbolone or Winstrol for bulking cycles and users have claimed it be very effective. The cycle logs with Nandrobolin are quite famous and is known to be always used in combination for body building.

Benefits and price in comparison

The price of this product is relatively cheap in India when compared to other countries. This is mainly due to the reason that the laws and regulations for using the steroids are not strict as other countries. Manufacturers and buyers can interact directly and hence there is a superlative sales report when it comes to these drugs in India. A legal or valid prescription is not required when it comes to purchasing of this drug and hence considered to be an easy process for all. It is also claimed due to this reason, many steroids are purchased in bulk in India and then distributed to other parts of the country in smaller chunks. Due to this casual purchase rules, it can also have been seen that the production of duplicate products is very less in India compared to other countries. But reliable sources say a user still needs to be very careful in placing their order especially online as they can end with a duplicate product most of the time.

Who can use this?

As seen, this drug has not been developed for any medical use. The effective cycle logs with Nandrobolin gives a user required chiseled, toned and a bulked up body. The usage is more often restricted to professionals such as weight lifters and athletes. Though not used for medical use, it is always strongly recommended to go with a physician’s advice when it comes to dosages and uses.

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