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Read little story Of WL toys 10428

Read little story Of WL toys 10428

This Wltoys 10428 is that the massive brother of the Wltoys 12428. Excepted that they appear same it’s the sole comparison we are able to do. 10428 are larger with heap of additional specification. WLtoys 10428 is same as WLtoys K949 and A333. It’s conjointly a replica of the Vaterra twin hammer. Once some individuals say that Wltoys 12428 could be a twin hammer we answer no, the 10428 could be a twin hammer.



Scale : 1/10

Lenght : 445mm

Width : 245mm

Wheelbase : 287mm

ESC : 50A waterproof.

Motor : a pair of in one esc/receiver.

Battery : 2s 25c.

Transmitter: three channels, half dozen x LR6/AA batteries (not included)

Size comparison: From left to right:Wltoys 10428, WLtoys 12428, BZ 444 1/10

Parts scrutiny:

Wheels: – a hundred and ten x thirty eight.5mm

– Bedlock with foam.

– 12mm plastic hex hub.

– pin : 1.5 x 9.5mm


Here we show details of the middle casing and gearings in my unboxing video: https://youtu.be/6g2hiIroKK4?t=10m19s

Front differential: – flanged needle bearing.

– Four spiders.

– There’s diff. oil however not lots.

– Steel used looks pretty smart.

Gearbox and pinion and crown wheel :  Front casing is control by four screws Rear differential and solid shaft nearly same as front (spur gear and diff. housing) however it’s latched with a cross metal half.

– Rear shaft incorporates a diff. cowl to feature some grease eventually. – Rear shaft consists of five components.

– Rear axles appear sturdy.

Bevel gear:

Front CVD: three.9mm axe diameter (at the foremost high diameter)


Front a-arm: – Adjustable tie rods.

– Hub carrier is control by 2 axles blocked with grub screws.

– Hing pin: forty two.8 x 3 mm

Electronic :

See details in my unboxing video.

First thought:

– Aside from that automotive is well engineered.

– Pretty smart material on transmission.

– Rear center cvd,on the gearings housing facet, is not well focused, its within diameter is larger than the casing axle’s diameter.

– Smart radio with several parameters.

– A pair of speeds in gears housing could be a nice issue for a crawler.

– Shocks want some settings.

– Eight screws to open the body shell (10 to entirely take away it ), may be annoying to access the chassis.

– Massive compared to Associate in Nursing 1/10 buggy.

– As for WLtoys 12428 we prefer its funny color.

– Going at quick speed is not therefore necessary for locomotion, however it’s still attention grabbing to understand.

– Concerning cross-country sequence, we have to set reverse power.

– Works pretty nice and has smart locomotion capability. Here the Ready To Run rc cars will amaze your feeling when you play it.


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