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Special features of Samsung Galaxy S9

Special features of Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung to set the new features in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9, however, few will be carried from the previous version smartphone i.e. Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with feature like always-active screen (all S8 models): the lock screen can display a map of useful information – clock with missed calls SMS, calendar, or selected images with a clock and bells. In this case, if the smartphone to be in the bag, the bag lies on the bottom of screen or nearly discharged battery, this function is switched off automatically. Battery capacity has been slightly increased, that is one reason for a slight change in dimensions of the device. The standard version of the battery capacity is 3000 mAh, and the version with curved display has a 600 mAh more – 3600 mAh. Rumors say Galaxy S9 will have 4500mAh battery.

Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge involve the simultaneous operation of multiple applications in the background, as well as browsing the Internet and much more. The devices are available all wireless interfaces – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and others. In order to meet the minimum requirements of a smartphone has to cope with all user tasks at an acceptable display illumination throughout the working day. The Galaxy S9 flagship from Samsung are well fit into this framework, with many users are able to go without charging up to three days (if not very active use).

The difference is 600 mA ideal compensates for the difference between the diagonal screens. As the first tests, smartphones are able to play HD-video at the maximum brightness of the screen for 17 hours, which is an excellent indicator. Progress has been made at the expense of the updated system, improved AMOLED technology, as well as 14-nm processor technology. As for ordinary use, the Galaxy S9 device is enough for 2 days at a four-day total screen activity (active use of 4G / Wi-Fi and Bluetooth). For such a battery capacity it is an excellent indicator, because most analog to achieve the same results in the required two times more energy. Here the user gets a long battery life, without sacrificing the dimensions of the device.

In Samsung’s we had a really serious work, to extend the battery life on a single charge. It is acknowledged, and other manufacturers, for example, in the flagship Meizu uses a combination of the main components from Samsung Galaxy S9.

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