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Sperm production and seasonality:

Sperm production and seasonality:

It is factual that men have healthier sperms during winter and spring compared to other seasons. So if you are in the middle of something, do remember this. Most of the IVF cycles where also successful during these months. Research found that the sperms shows higher density, mobility and very less morphology problems compared to sperms during other seasons. Sperm quality produced in the summer are of reduced quantity and the mobility is a problem in all the samples collected.

From this we can very well say that if you are someone who is trying to make your partner pregnant, try the process during winter or spring. These are considered as your most fertile months. Decrease in sperm quality is directly attributed to the heat. Clothes like jeans and other tight fitting pants or underwear are supposed to raise the temperature around your testicles. This is the reason why laptops are not advised to be on your laps. The heat produced from these devices kills your sperms. It is very important to keep the testicles cool. Hence we suggest you to wear lose clothes which does not increase your body temperature.

If you are a couple who is visiting a fertility center in pune or any other city you live in, it is very important for you to ask your doctor about the quality of your sperms. Anyhow you will be getting a sperm analysis report but get to know more. Also, perfumes and certain deodorants are reported to increase the temperature of the body and cause temporary defect in the quality of sperms that are produced during that period. In one of the fertility hospital in T Nagar, they do a counselling to the couples in terms of term lifestyle and habits before they get into the treatment. This helps the doctor understand whether treatment is the only option or they can even try for some time and have a natural pregnancy.

Getting pregnant can is one of the beautiful feeling for a women. It is very important to understand the underlying problem and address the issues correctly instead of trying blindly or straightaway going for a fertility treatment like an IVF. Hence, it is advised to follow healthy lifestyle habits and make yourself more productive biologically. There is nothing more important than creating a family for yourself and nurturing. This will give complete meaning to our life.

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