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The Effects Of Interior Design Choices On Your Mood

The Effects Of Interior Design Choices On Your Mood

One day I wondered why I wasn’t happy coming to work every morning. I didn’t feel depressed about my job, I actually enjoy what I do. Something about coming to work was unpleasant and depressing.

I tried figuring out the reasons behind this constant feeling of irritation at work. Something was wrong with the lighting, the wall colors and the general attire at work. After the management of the company decided to change the office décor, the situation has improved. And I no longer fear the moment I open the office door.
How can you be creative in a boring office? A boring office décor can make you feel depressed. A fun and engaging office atmosphere will help you with your work. You can use the following list of suggestions to make your office more work-friendly:

Choose the Right Color

You may not believe it, but the wall color may affect your mood. Therefore, choosing the right wall color for your office is important. The use of relaxing, light and pastel colors will not distract you from work, but rather boost your performance.

Light blue or green colors would remind you about the time you spent by the beach and put you in a relaxed mood. Bronze and terra cotta colors also work fine in an office


Other easy ways to brighten your workplace could include placing inspirational posters and funny images on the walls. Google and other creative companies have special relaxing areas for employees who feel more comfortable working on a bean bag chair rather than a normal office chair. A special approach to your office environment would bring fruitful results.


Buy your favorite flowers and plants for your office. Put a colorful orchid on your desk and a big palm tree in a hallway.

Fun and unique furniture should be appropriately fashioned in your office space. A disorganized office would disorganize your staff. You need to find the right balance between a comforting and creative environment.

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