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Things to Consider Before Choosing Between Window and Split Air Conditioner

Things to Consider Before Choosing Between Window and Split Air Conditioner

These days, window air conditioners as well as split air conditioners are available in the market to be installed in the room. Both AC’s are effective enough to reduce the room temperature and therefore many people are usually under dilemma about the type of air conditioners suitable for their household. Therefore, in this article we shall discuss about the pros and cons of both these types of air conditioners, so that readers can decide which will be the right choice for them.

Window Air conditioner

Window air conditioners are either mounted on wall by creating proper space for it on the wall or it is fixed on the window of the room by creating space for the AC. Lloyd is one of the well-known company that is supplying window AC for pretty long time. Let us see the pros and cons of Window air conditioners.


  • Window air conditioners are suitable for small sized rooms where space is a real issue.
  • The cost of window AC is usually lower than split AC and also their maintenance cost is pretty less.
  • Window AC is a single unit and therefore it is easy to install and manage it while changing your residence. Also, you do not need to refill the gas when you are uninstalling the window AC.
  • There is slight low consumption of electricity as compared to any split AC of similar capacity.
  • Window AC servicing is much easier than Split AC.


  • Window AC may generate some noise inside the room that may disturb people particularly who have insomnia problem.
  • Window AC may occupy little more space as compared to split AC.
  • Maximum capacity of window AC is 2 Ton, however split AC can be available at higher capacities.

Split Air Conditioner

Split AC’s are usually mounted on wall and generally preferred for larger rooms. If the room does not have proper window space then split AC is preferred. It contains two different units one is indoor unit that provides cool air while outdoor units are installed outside the room that exhausts hot air outside.


  • Split AC does not generate much noise and hence person can sleep in the room totally undisturbed.
  • It is normally installed at the height of 7 to 8 feet above ground and also consumes little space and does not disturb the arrangement of the room.
  • Split AC can cover larger area of the room as compared to window AC.
  • You can get higher capacity of Split AC and hence suitable for cooling any larger area.


  • It has two units and therefore installation is little difficult as compared to window AC.
  • If you want to change the residence then reinstallation is difficult as the compressor needs refilling of gas.
  • Maintenance of split AC like Daikin AC is little difficult as compared to window AC.
  • Split AC’s are costlier than window AC. Also, its running cost is slightly higher than Window AC.
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