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Top 10 Reasons to Sign Up for Bootcamps!

Top 10 Reasons to Sign Up for Bootcamps!

Bootcamps are group fitness classes with a wider range of exercises than traditional group fitness while being performed at a much higher intensity, with no limitations. While old school classes are traditionally choreographed and repetitive, new age Bootcamps use intense metabolic training to optimize your heart rate and calorie burn while keeping things fresh and fun. Here are ten reasons to join a Bootcamp near you today!

  1. A Great Atmosphere:People are often afraid of going to work-out in crowded gyms or too nervous to train one on one with a personal trainer. It’s less intimidating to join a small to moderate size bootcamp with people of all different fitness levels and qualified fitness instructors.
  2. Plenty of Variety:Bootcamps come in all different shapes and forms. There are a ton of different workouts, ranging from Kettlebells to Kickboxing. Find an activity that sparks your interest and sign up today with a friend or two.
  3. Cost Effectiveness:Gym memberships can cost hundreds of dollars and half the time people don’t even use them. The benefit to attending bootcamps is that you can pay as you go or get a great deal by signing up for a handful.
  4. Metabolic Training Benefits:Metabolic training is a modern term for high intensity aerobic activity that keeps your heart rate in its optimal heart rate zone throughout the duration of the workout. Intervals are often used to keep the workout flowing and burn the maximum amount of calories during bootcamps.

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  1. Bring a Friend:Bootcamps and fitness classes are a great chance for you to bring friends, family or loved ones with you, to enjoy an activity you like and spend some quality time together.
  2. Enjoy the Social Aspect:These group workouts are a great chance to meet new people who have similar interests and goals to your own. You can find out about other’s success stories and what may or may not have worked for them.
  3. A Motivating Push:Majority of people will push themselves harder when they are surrounded by a group. This extra push will help you achieve better results and keep going when you might have the urge to quit.
  4. Learn a New Thing or Two:You will learn many new exercises you can do on your own or at the gym. Bootcamps are a great way to add more tools to your repertoire.
  5. Perfect your Technique:With a certified fitness professional leading you through your bootcamp, you will have proper instruction while learning proper techniques and how to work out safely and effectively.
  6. Test the Waters:Maybe you have been considering hiring a personal trainer or going to a gym but are too afraid to commit? Join an affordable bootcamp to see if personal training is something that may interest you in the future.

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