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TOP 7 perfect colors for any room

TOP 7 perfect colors for any room

Tender and smoke grey, deep and expressive – what colors are the most universal and will go with almost any other shades? Today, we are going to talk about all the perfect options if you have decided to acquire either some commercial real estate Toronto or residential real estate.

1. The expressive blue
Many are afraid of experimenting with dark shades; however, the rich and deep blue color will bring a feeling of fullness and completeness to any room, and will visually expand the space even if the room is small. You will not believe it, but in some cases it is even better than white. It is amazing that some professional designers classify the blue color as neutral. Therefore, it plays a very important role as a basic interior color.

2. The tender cream color
Do not think that the cream color is suitable only for those who prefer luxury, glamorous interiors. In fact, this color visually brings even the smallest room to a whole new level, making it more elegant and fashionable.

3. The pale blue
This is a classic neutral color, but at that, it is versatile and expressive. It is ideal for a room – a ceiling with blue glossy finish and matte cream walls. This combination sets the mood, without pulling the attention from other interior elements. Who can resist a sky-blue ceiling?

4. The sophisticated gray-green color
This color cannot be called either gray or green – it is rather a shade close to the sage color. Soft and delicate, it goes well with white ceramic, so you might want to consider the option of painting the back wall of a cabinet, which houses dishes and accessories gray-green. This color, though rich, does not distract from other shades, and therefore creates a perfect balance between not only bright but also dark palettes.

5. The aesthetic light gray
The light gray color is an indispensable tool for those who want an elegant interior that creates a feeling of cleanliness, but for some reason does not want to use the white color. It goes perfectly with all shades of blue and brown, and, in principle, will become the perfect couple for almost any color. In addition, grey has two important advantages: to achieve saturation, it is sufficient to apply only one coat of paint. What’s more, it is quite simple to maintain the cleanness of the walls with such a color.

6. The loamy yellow color
This color will help elevate any room even if it is not too fashionable or elegant. Choose a warm, smoke grey shade of yellow – perhaps even with a little touch of pink. This is a universal color for both traditional and modern interiors; it is best combined with light neutral or cold palettes.

7. The smoky grey leady color
Stylish and soothing, this soft shade is ideal for walls, trim, and especially for architectural elements – such as stucco. The accessories of this neutral, but no less expressive color will create discreet and original accents.

All in all, we hope you find this article useful and compelling. In case you still have not found an apartment, you might want to check out some condos for sale online and select the right option for you.

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