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TPA3116 NE5532 complete guide with specifications and features

TPA3116 NE5532 complete guide with specifications and features

Interestingly I discovered this Bluetooth amplifier has great quality for exchanging music by means of Bluetooth. Great quality completing items that great point why we suggest for Bluetooth amplifier. Accompanied box and antenna, no manual book and guarantee letter as you probably are aware for this amplifier, even it said finish complete amplifier.

Here are the details of TPA3116 NE5532

– Adopting unique TPA3116 and CSR4 .0 Bluetooth module

– Coupling capacitor embraces German Simens 1UF

– Electrolytic capacitor flag primary circuit USES Taiwan popular brand, Nikon is exceptional electrolytic capacitor is utilized as a part of the fundamental channel capacitor limit of 3 1000 uf acoustics unique capacitance 1000 uf/50 v, persistent energy to guarantee a solid help

– Resistance to pick high accuracy SMD resistor, fundamental circuit receives exactness 1% of five rings, metal film resistors, guarantee the machine great flag to-commotion proportion

– PCB utilized 1.6 mm thick twofold sided board, 2.0 oz copper thick, tin the entire procedure, to guarantee that the extent of the present great execution by the top of the line nature of PCB

– The completely encased clean verification potentiometer, execution is steadier, tougher than common potentiometer

– Brand new Bluetooth rendition 4.0

– External Bluetooth antenna: 10M getting range


– Working technique: D-Class

– Static current: 50mA

– Working proficiency: 90%

– Rated yield control: 2*50W+100W

– Frequency: 20Hz to 20KHz

– Working voltage: DC18V to DC24V

– Max current: 3A

Bundle list:

– 1 x YJHiFi TPA3116 2.1 Completed 50W+50W+100W Class D Amplifier Board with Case

Voltage: 12 to 24 v control supply, DC

Dc 9 to 25 v (current 2 – 3A above, on the off chance that you need to control Big, advice 19-24v 4A above).

Proficiency: over 90%.

Recurrence reaction extend: input: 20 hz – 20 KHZ, yield: 20 hz – 180 hz,

Sound info affectability: 500 mv.

Speaker impedance: bass speaker impedance: 2-8 ohm,

Bass yield control:

12V = 10w at 8ohm: 19w at 4ohm ; 22w at 3ohmm ; 30w at 2ohm

15V = 15w at 8ohm; 29w at 4ohm ; 39w at 3ohm ; 50w at 2ohm

19V = 24w at 8ohm ; 48w at 4ohm ; 60w at 3ohm ; 75w at 2ohm

24V = 38w at 8ohm ; 75w at 4ohm ; 95w at 2-3ohm

So here we have mentioned above few necessary information about this product, which is best for your requirement. If you are searching this on Internet then you can go through once on the site like cafago as they provide right products. TPA3116 NE5532 is the product in which you cannot compromise in quality and system. Just check test instruments details and reviews on this site so that you can get users experiences with the help of their reviews they publish on the online sites.

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