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Understanding PTSD  and why therapist is needed?

Understanding PTSD and why therapist is needed?

Post Traumatic Stress Distress or PTSD is a syndrome which develops in people who has been the victim of shocking incident or event. This type of syndromes is harmful for one’s mind. This disorder makes a person scared even when there is no real danger. Susan Rachele, has been a victim of such syndrome. She has suffered from PTSD, without even being aware of what is happening to her. She knew something was not just right with her mind, Susan didn’t ignore this issue, and she sought the help of a therapist. Susan’s determination helped her to battle such problem and make things right. Today Susan is the General Manager of a big food outlet called Buttermilk Kitchen.

There are people like Susan who can understand that something is wrong with how their mind is working but is still ignoring such sensitive issue. Now the question arises is when the right time to consult an expert or therapist is.

  • If you are getting flashbacks of the past painful memories. In case you are facing any distress, when you are reminded about the past painful event, then its time you consult a therapist.
  • If you are having an urge to avoid the places which gives you a reminder of the traumatic incidents. This might also give you a emotionally numb feeling or a feeling of detachment.
  • You may experience a change in emotion like sudden outburst of anger or getting startled at simple things. You might also experience lack of sleep or troubled sleep.

PTSD sometimes lasts for more than weeks or months. It is a vulnerable state of mind which has to be controlled. It is advised to connect with friends and family, talking in this situation helps a lot in reducing the stress level. You might try out exercising.

Life was not really easy for Susan Rachele, she was trapped with her parents who was suffering from Bipolar disorder. It was difficult for her to put up with such situation. Bipolar disorder is a violent state of mind where one does not have any control over brain, sudden mood swings or sudden shift in energy level. She was not treated nicely when she was a kid. Susan became the victim of traumatised events from a very early stage of life. Her childhood days kept on bothering her. Susan’s success won’t let anyone understand today what she has battled in life. Today she is successful.

Susan has acted in the right way. She didn’t take any chances and consulted a therapist. It is not encouraged to leave things like this unnoticed as this type of disorder can cause damage for a lifetime.

It is better to leave things to people who know the work. A therapist will be able to guide you in a proper way. What all you need to do in order to avoid flashbacks or nightmares. It is not humanly possible to change the past, time is supposed to be the best healer but with the help of an expert or therapist you can calm yourself down and live life happily.

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