Register of encumbered vehicle checks REVs or PPSR checks are done to find the encumbrance of the vehicles for safety buying.  Any encumbrance on the vehicle with the full details of the secured party is available with REVs check.  The Australian  Government with a series of laws have made the hard earned money of the Australians safe while purchasing used or second-hand vehicles.  The buyers should not be stranded with the money lost and the vehicle taken away by the secured party on the default of due payments of the vehicle seller.

  • History of vehicle checks in Australia :

      In Australia, it all started in 1989 with the introduction of VIN or Vehicle Identification Number in vehicles mandatory.  The VIN embalmed in a metal plate is fixed on the engine, door or on the chassis of the vehicle.

     The Australian Government on January 30th, 2012 enacted a law wherein authorizing PPSR or Personal property Security Registration to register encumbrances on personal properties including vehicles.

    Hence the PPSR certificate includes all the relevant details a buyer should check before buying a used vehicle.  This checking previously known as REVs check includes many checks on the vehicle.

  • Checks on vehicle :
  • Financial Check :

Encumbrance by secured parties.  The financial debt pending on the vehicle which has not been fully paid.

  • Theft Check :

     Any complaint registered with the police authorities of the vehicle on the subject was reported stolen by some third parties.  If it is not checked the buyer will end up losing the vehicle and the money paid for it.

    Also of any theft of parts of the vehicle reported to the police.  This leads to paying huge amounts to use the bought vehicle.

  • Accident & Damage Check :

      To check for any accident or damage reported on the said vehicle.  Buying such vehicles will end up in paying the damages or losing the vehicle and the money.

  • Write off Check :

      If the vehicle bought without scrutinizing the write of the check will end up paying the damages of flood, fire, collision or written off by the previous owner.

  • Odometer check :

      Normally the used vehicle dealers end up in tampering the odometer to show less usage of the vehicle. This also should be checked before buying of not being fooled for paying more for a less valued vehicle.

     Revs check now modified to PPSR certification prevents wrongful sales of used vehicles and safeguards the buyer’s hard earned money.

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