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Vietnam Visa on Arrival: 5 tips for Australian citizens

Vietnam Visa on Arrival: 5 tips for Australian citizens

Australian citizens need to apply for Vietnam visa to visit it for any purpose. The process to apply it is very easy for Australian citizens. Though there are many ways to get the visa, Visa on Arrival is one of the easiest, cheapest and less time consuming ways for a traveller. This can be obtained by tourists who travel by air only as they are issued at Vietnam international airports. The visa can be obtained 1 month or maximum for 3 months. By just knowing few tips like below, the process will be much easier for Vietnam visa online Australia.

Carry required documents


The Vietnam Embassy requires traveller passport with at least validity of 6 months from travel date and 2 passport sized photos taken recently. These documents are to be carried before travelling so that to avoid any delay in starting the procedure. Staying beyond the visa validity is a crime and punishable act, the rules in Vietnam are no different. Going through a trustable travel agent when not sure about the process and when there is time constraint is the best way.

Get details right


Visa on Arrival is issued at all Vietnam international airports to Australian citizens in 3 simple steps. Just go online and submit the application by making payment via secured network.  The details in the application should match with every detail in passport like spelling of the name, date of birth, passport number.  The date of arrival should be the date required on the visa approval letter and only on or later the date traveller is eligible to enter inside Vietnam. The visa approval letter is issued with duly stamped at any international airport Immigration desk by submitting the mentioned documents along with the form.

Know your exact return date


While filling the application form for Vietnam visa Australian passport, the date of arrival is obvious one. But it is a mandatory thing to fill the return date. Even the date is in next 1 month, visa can be extended till 3more months. But mentioning the date is mandatory and has to return from Vietnam on or before the return date mentioned in visa approval letter.

Fee details


Knowing the fee details before hand makes the process easier. There is different fees for 1 month visa for single entry and different for multiple entries. Similarly for 3 months. The website has updated details every day.  There are also different fees for Normal service, urgent service and super urgent service which gives visa approval letter in 2 days, 1 day and 4 hours respectively. If the visa processing is done for 2 days, it is always good to carry some food and beverages with the traveller.

Know basic Internet


As the complete process of visa on arrival happens over internet at international airports of Vietnam, it is good to know basics of internet to open the website of Vietnam government and filling the details. It lets the traveller to do himself without anyone’s help saving lot of precious time.

It’s a simple process obtaining Vietnam visa for Australians. It is a legal document according to Vietnam laws and recognised by International Air Traffic Associations.


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