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What Are the Four DISC Types?

What Are the Four DISC Types?

Deducing the personality of a potential employee is one of the hottest topics in the corporate world. The reason for its importance is that when the company get to know about the personality of an individual, it can place him in the right team where he can work to his full potential.

Just like companies, people also love to know about their personalities albeit for different reasons. They love to know what their inherent strengths and weaknesses are. This will give them the chance to leverage their strengths to get better results.

Here we will give you some idea about the four Types of DiSC profiles with the clarification that none of these four profiles is in any way superior to the others. The four profiles tell you how a person with any one of these primary personality traits will behave when he faces a situation. And how he loves to work in a group and what are his strengths and drawbacks. Once you clearly identify these things, you will be in a better position to not only work as per your strengths but also communicate better with your teammates who have a different personality.

Four Types of DiSC Profiles

1). Dominance:  A person with Dominance personality trait is very confident about his abilities to tackle any situation. His approach to any problem is very direct as he does not like to negotiate but is willing to tackle the bull by its horns. He has inherent leadership qualities and always tries to take the lead in any problem-solving situation.

If you have Dominance as your primary personality trait, then you have the tendency to look at innovative solutions to challenging problems. You are always looking at the bottom line while taking a decision and love to challenge the status quo. The primary motivating factors that guide you in your work is the power and the ability to take the risk. You also love the chance to lead a team to tackle a new challenge. You are never satisfied with doing mundane jobs and always crave for those tasks that will test your problem solving and leadership capabilities.

As a dominant personality, you have many positive features, but there are some areas on which you need to work hard to make them your strengths. These include your frequent desire to cross the established chain of command, argumentative and desire to attempt too many things at the same time.

2). Influence: Just like the Dominance personality trait, the Influence personality trait individual is also a very extrovert. If you have this as your primary personality trait then you will most likely exhibit these features.

You will be enthusiastic to try on any new idea to solve a problem and love to work with a team to achieve your goals. You are very social and love to make friends and are very persuasive in nature. You are also very emotional and sometimes take decisions on an impulse.

You are always a complete team player and love to solve conflicts in the team through deft negotiations. To achieve the common goals, you always motivate your teammates and encourage them to take tough and new challenges to get a better deal in solving an issue.

While these are the positive traits, there are some traits in your personality which if you do not control may harm you personally as well as professionally. You are more likely to focus on gaining popularity in your team rather than getting any tangible benefit and you are not very attentive to details. You love social recognition and are motivated by people’s praise and a friendly work environment.

3). Steadiness: Among the four types of DiSC profiles, this one can be categorized as a trait that many introvert people have. If you have this personality trait then you are a great asset to the team as you act like a glue to keep the team together. You are a good team player and love to listen to any issues that other team members bring to your notice and try to solve it to the best of your ability.

The main motivating factors that drive you to work better is the recognition from the team as well as the employer of your loyalty and dependability. You do not like sudden changes and the main area of your strength is to work with other team members and make sure that a positive atmosphere is created in the workplace wherein everybody gives their best.

If steadiness is your primary personality trait, then you are most likely to feel unsettle to any sudden changes and find it difficult to put forth your points more forcefully at any team meetings. You should have clear priorities and try to follow them to the best of your abilities.

4). Conscientiousness: This last of the four types of DiSC profiles is mostly associated with introverts. If you have Conscientiousness as your primary trait then you are most likely to have an analytical mindset where you give huge importance to the accuracy of the information.

You are careful in your approach to take a decision and always like to get as much information regarding the situation as possible to have the best possible solution. You always maintain a very high standard in taking good decisions (as they are backed by accurate data and an analytical analysis of them). You are likely to be even-tempered and always try to test your decisions so that they produce the expected results.

Your motivating factors include detailed task and logical organization of information related to the work that you are doing. If you want to succeed in your job, then you should take care of some of your weaknesses. Some of these include you do not like to thinks out of the box but are bound by rules and regulations. You are more focused on the details and do not like to see the big picture. Additionally, you do not like criticism of your way of working (even if it is a positive criticism)

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