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What Does a Personal Injury Attorney Do?

From providing advice to explaining your rights and doing the legwork to representing you in court, there are numerous things that your personal injury attorney does for you. Personal injury attorneys take on a range of duties, saving you a whole lot of stress and guesswork.

If you suffer injuries at work, in a premise, on the road or any other place, and it’s because of another’s negligence, careless or intentional actions or inactions, then you are legally entitled to recover financial compensation. This settlement is often required to take care of the medical expenses, cover for the lost wages, and offer compensation for the injuries sustained. But before you recover these funds, you’re likely to encounter a great opposition from the insurance company and their lawyers – and that’s where El Dabe Ritter trial lawyers come in.

Here is what a personal injury lawyer does for you:

Explains your rights

A personal injury attorney will explain to you how an injury and various legal issues can affect your rights. They will also inform you of what to say and what not to say, so that you don’t end up providing details that will implicate you. Most importantly, your lawyer will advise you on your legal options in case you don’t agree with the settlement offered by the insurance company.

Offers advice

It is not uncommon for the defendant’s insurance company to deny liability. It’s even worse since they use their resources to hire high-end lawyers. Your personal injury attorney may suggest getting medical care to record the relationship between the injury and the accident.

Investigate claims

Most personal injury lawyers charge contingency fee; where they get their pay from the funds that you will receive as settlement for your injury and damages. Since they cater for different costs, they often are cautious when screening prospects and assessing the merits of the case. Often, they won’t take on a case that they don’t believe will lead to a win for the client.

Collect evidence

Your personal injury lawyer will collect evidence to support your lawsuit. This may include acquiring any incident or police report. They also may locate witnesses and get their statements. The lawyer will also gather pictures, camera footage, property damage as well as medical records, reports, bills, employment documents, employment reports and property damage reports to support your case.

Negotiate with insurance companies

Your personal injury lawyer has their skin in the game – your win is their win, and so is your lose. Simply put, they have your best interest at heart. They will negotiate with the insurers, review policy details and establish the maximum amount of compensation that you can receive according to your case. The lawyer may also take care of all communications with the insurance firms and save you from doing anything that will implicate you.

Represent you in court

In the event the negotiation does not go as planned and the insurance company refuses to budge, your lawyer will move to court. Keep in mind that litigation is complex and needs adherence to proper rules and procedures of evidence. It is by no means a task for a novice.

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