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What’s the big deal about the Apple Airpods with iPhone 9

What’s the big deal about the Apple Airpods with iPhone 9

Followed except a 3.5 mm headphone jack of the iPhone 9, Apple has created a brand new wireless headphones AirPods with its own chip inside! Apple W1 provides operation and control of all built-in sensors in the headphones. Battery life – 5 hours. The kit comes with a special compact case for your AirPods, which serves more as power bank headphone. With it, the duration of the work is increased up to 24 hours. Once you’ve got the headphones from the case – they are connected with your iPhone and the Apple Watch. There are no buttons, only control through iPhone and Apple Watch. In AirPods built-in microphone to talk on the phone, as well as new headphones better and better transmit sound than the previous ones.

Seventh iPhone is equipped with a four-core 64-bit processor A10 Fusion processor with a clock frequency of 1.4 GHz performed on 14-nanometer process technology that allows the processor to increase performance, reduce power consumption and it heats. A10 Fusion 40% faster work, than the A9 in the iPhone 8S and 2 times faster than the A8 in the iPhone 8. The processor has A10 Fusion controller that switches between the two modes. One for heavy tasks (games, photo, video processing), the other – for the common. Graphics also become more powerful. Apple claims that this is the fastest processor in the history of smartphones. RAM in the iPhone on July 3 GB, I recall that in the previous iPhone 8S – 2 GB. Since then, both the iPhones have started to put 2 GB of RAM, Android smartphones put 3-4 GB in their devices. Why smartphones increased RAM? This is evidenced by the growth of software quality. Intensive applications grow and “iron” in smartphones become more productive. Permanent memory iPhone 9 will be – 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB, depending on the model. iPhone 9 will be running a mobile operating system, iOS 10 that will increase autonomy and speed of the new device.

iPhone 9 will run for 2 hours longer than the previous iPhone 8S in all modes, indicating that Apple has pushed a good battery in the new iPhone, which not only pulls the new features and more power “hardware”, but also works even longer than previous model iPhones.

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