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Which Different Commercial Properties Have To Install Hand Dryers

Which Different Commercial Properties Have To Install Hand Dryers

Hand dryers are not just for the home. There are many different commercial properties that need to make sure that they install hand dryers. This is because their customer’s hands need to be kept completely clean and hygienic. If people fall ill as a result of there being no commercial hand dryers in the building, then customers might try and bring legal action against your business.

Which types of commercial properties need to make sure that they have hand dryers installed?


It is important that pubs have hand dryers installed because this means that customers can go to the toilet and clean their hands properly. Pubs need to be kept as clean as possible because a lot of food and drink is consumed on the premises. If people are unable to wash their hands properly, they might start to fall sick and need to take some time off work.

This situation can be completely avoided if the pub bathroom has been cleaned thoroughly and there are hand dryers on the walls instead of paper towels, which can carry a lot of germs.

People might accidentally damage the hand dryers when they are drunk, which can cause them to be completely out of action. This is a problem which needs to be solved as quickly as possible because your customers will not be able to dry their hands at all, which is very unhygienic. You can buy a Warner Howard Airforce hand dryer online for commercial use that is reliable.


People often need to use the toilet before they get onto a plane for a long or short haul flight. Many people avoid using aeroplane toilets because they feel claustrophobic inside them. This means that they will want to make sure that they can go to the toilet in a clean environment inside the airport terminal. Then they will want to clean their hands afterwards.

Most people won’t want to use a towel that lots of other people have used before them, and they also will not want to use paper towels.

Instead, you need to make sure that there are fully functioning electric hand dryers in every single bathroom in the airport. This will allow people to dry their hands effectively without a single problem.


Going to the cinema is an exciting experience for people, but some of them will need to go to the toilet in the middle of the screening if they haven’t already gone to the toilet at home. People who own cinemas need to recognise that their customer’s hands can become unhygienic due to a number of germs that are in the cinema toilets. An electric hand dryer will allow them to dry their hands hygienically without any problems.

Service Stations

People will need to take toilet breaks when they are driving long distances. This means that they will stop off at service stations. The service stations need to be fully-equipped with working hand dryers so that people can stay hygienic.

Hand dryers need to be installed in several different types of commercial properties.

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