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8 Steps to Organizing Your Small Business

8 Steps to Organizing Your Small Business

Bad news for business owners – being disorganized not only lowers your productivity, but also zaps you of energy, decreases profits, and increases unhappiness. While it’s true that the initial time spent getting organized can be frustrating for some people to go through, the rewards at the end make the time worth it. You can take it easy but still get great results by following these 8 steps to organize your small business.

  1. Hire a Virtual Assistant – You may think that your business is too small to justify this expense, but a good virtual assistant is worth their weight in gold. They can schedule meetings, create presentations, or even communicate with clients.
  1. Signup for the Cloud – Gone are the days of your computer dying and taking all of your important files with it, or you being embarrassed because you can’t access a much-needed file at an important presentation. Saving files in the cloud means that you can access them anywhere, anytime.
  1. Go Modern with Your Finances – Still keeping a ledger or using QuickBooks to keep an eye on finances? Stop. There are some wonderful apps and online programs that can do this for you. They’re faster, easier to read, will reconcile your statement for you, and come tax time will make filing a breeze.
  1. Signup for Social Media Software – Simply signing up for social media accounts is only half of the battle. Keeping up with them and staying on top of what’s going on in the world can turn into a time suck quickly. Automate this part of your day with programs that will essentially run your accounts for you with only a little guidance.
  1. Give Your File Cabinet a Rest – Paper is on the way out. The best way to store documents is electronically. You can scan them all in yourself or pay a company to quickly do it for you. Either way, you’ll eliminate the dreaded file cabinet that can be so difficult to navigate.
  1. Clear Your Desktop – No, not your actual desk – your computer desktop. That visual clutter that you are so used to seeing is really draining your motivate and productivity. Take 30 minutes, clear it off, and get some fun wallpaper to keep you motivated.
  1. Track Your Time – You have to keep on top of meetings, to-do lists, events, and appointments. Whether you do this on paper in an old-school planner or online and enjoy the help of a virtual assistant is up to you. If you don’t track your time, it will run you, so get on it.
  1. Stay on Top of Contact Management – You have a lot of customers, leads, and information to manage, and doing it on paper is daunting and can lead to mistakes and you dropping the ball. Now is the time to get a great software to help you, and Infusionsoft is one of the customer relationship management programs that can help.

Don’t let your small business fail because of organizational problems. Take charge, and enjoy the gains.

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