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Discounts: Why We Seek Value In Everything

Discounts: Why We Seek Value In Everything

Finding value in all a multitude of things is a virtue of mankind. We will always look for the most value and importance in things around us. Bargaining and discounts give us a sense of accomplishment which is hard to quantify. In dealing with capital and finances one such place is a stock market. Here value and discounts play a huge role for investors and sellers alike. Among the traders and firms that exist, Discount brokers are the crux of all firms that exist in India.

Indians are notorious when it comes to bargaining and seeking value. This quality is what makes Indians one of the most shrewd and cunning businessmen in the world. In terms of stocks and securities trading, the Indian stock exchanges of BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange) are one of the largest in the world. Despite the fact that the per capita income of India is relatively low, a lot of the population is investing in shares. The two major reasons to this are: Discount brokers and knowledgeable investors.

People in India especially the youth and experienced businessmen are very well versed in the stock markets and share trading. This leads to a high volume influx of capital and small scale trades. Another prime reason which has helped in the huge volumes of trading is Discount broking. These are firms which charge a substantially less fee or margins but at the cost of financial advice. These brokers directly allow individuals to trade and sell stocks or shares in the online market with minimal or no assistance. A discount broker not only pertains to one field, but is expansive and works in multiple fields. Some of which are:

  • Securities: The most important function of a discount broker is to offer services at a small fraction of the usual rate. In the earlier days of trading shares and securities, only the rich could afford it. But in the late 80s and early 90s discount brokers offered investors a chance to purchase shares at a third of the cost. And with the boom of the internet and electronic trading, the fees and margins are now a meagre fraction of what they were before. However they do not offer any sort of financial advice or are responsible for any action an investor takes.
  • Real estate: Discount brokers in real estate provide services to acquire and dispose property at a much lower rate than that of full- service, full-fee competitors.
  • Financial services: These firms in the financial sector provide insurance products such as car insurance on a discount basis. Instead of commission they charge one-off fees for their services, but do not provide financial advice.

As the economy grows and reaches new heights in India, there are many up and coming firms.Discount brokerage india is a field that has huge upsides and potential. A sound investment made through such firms can pay off big dividends, and their lucrative rates and services make it an even easier decision.

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