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Do I Need A Wedding Planner To Conduct An Indian Wedding?

Do I Need A Wedding Planner To Conduct An Indian Wedding?

Wedding planners are the norm in western countries. But now they are slowly becoming a part of the Indian wedding culture too. Wedding planners are not an extravagance, in fact, they will help you plan your wedding in the smartest way possible and save a lot of money in the process. Seriously speaking, they will help you get out of the confusion that you will eventually feel when you venture out on your own. Indian weddings are full of fun, frolic and extravagance. Do it the right way and everybody will be happy.

Get a wedding planner.

Do you want to keep within a certain budget? Then it would be better to hire a wedding planner. With their experience in the field of conducting events and weddings, they will help you plan your budget in the most sensible way and not get your hands burned. Indian weddings will never stay within your budget limits if you plan on your own. Since planners have their own network of vendors, you would definitely be able to acquire the best service at the best rates.

You don’t feel stressed and overwhelmed anymore. You can relax and look forward to enjoying the day without worrying about a 100 things that could go wrong for an Indian wedding.

Facebook, an intelligent wedding planner. You use FB for all your social media-related activities. Have you considered looking into it for some planning tips? You will be amazed at the number of tips and tricks that flow through the FB pages every day. All you need to do is skim through them and your head will be reeling with ideas. If you thought FB is all about squandering time, then you are gravely mistaken. You can find florists, cake vendors, photographers, videographers, venues, decoration ideas, menu ideas, new trends on bridal fashion and absolutely everything related to an Indian wedding through FB. All you need to do is type the appropriate keywords like for example, “wedding planner in Delhi” and hit search. You can choose a wedding planner from among the search results that keep pouring in.

In India, as most marriages are arranged, and should thus adhere to social and cultural customs, wedding planners must be competent enough to know about different cultures.

When to hire a Wedding Planner for the Indian Wedding

It would be advisable to hire the planner when you decide to get married so you can involve them in the beginning, making it easier for both parties. The planner will tell you when to contact the venue and how to choose vendors, and take on from there. Planners act as designers, advisers and managers all rolled into one, so you leave everything to them. Wedding planners have staff who will do errands for you, like pick up the dry cleaning, visiting the flower shops for making the bouquets, contacting the rentals for vehicle hiring and even serious chores like choosing the design for the decor, suggesting menu, selecting music for the venue and so on.

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