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Exploring on Two-Wheels – A Rejuvenating Experience

Cities across the world are reviving the pleasures and benefits of cycling, whether recreational or for the basic commute. This is true to many Indian cities too as bike rental companies like Pedl have made cycling accessible to everyone.

A Green and Efficient Transport Mode

There are many benefits of choosing cycling as a mode of transport. Rush hour traffic is something most city-dwellers are familiar with. The gridlocks do not seem to improve anytime,and those who use public transport and large vehicles suffer the most. Cycling provides a breakthrough for those looking to commute efficiently. Light and easy to manoeuvre, a cycle allows commuters to negotiate traffic jams and use alternate routes that are less crowded.

Air pollution is a killer in many cities. By choosing the cycle a few times a week, the commuter is playing an important role in reducing the level of exhaust being released into the air.

A Great Recreation Option

Exploring the city on the seat of a cycle is a joyful affair. Morning rides are recommended. Many cycling enthusiasts band together in informal groups and hit the road, venturing into iconic neighbourhoods and discovering new streets and the attractions that are there. One can also arrange a cycling trip to the outskirts. Pedal away and enjoy the farmland scenery of the countryside.

A Lifestyle Booster

The health benefits of cycling are well-known. What better way to combine fun and cardiovascular exercise? Cycling is also easier on the joints when compared to jogging. This is why it is recommendedto overweight people who are looking for exercises to burn fat.

Cycling also provides a psychological lift. It improves circulation to the brain and promotes the regeneration of cells. A good vigorous cycling session helps in the release of adrenaline and results in a satisfying experience. Cycling is also a great way to meet new like-minded people.

Many like to hop on to a cycle to reduce stress levels. The exposure to daylight and full body exercise helps regulate the body clock and results in better sleep.

People who use cycles to commute are being good examples to their colleagues. They can inspire others to follow suit, starting a little lifestyle revolution in the office.

Advantages of Renting over Buying

It is really easy to find cycles on rent now. Pedl is one of the famous rentals offering attractive well-maintained cycles at very affordable rates. The booking process cannot be simpler – all one needs to do is go to the nearest bike docking station and unlock a cycle using a wallet app. When the ride is complete, the cycle needs to be returned to the nearest station.

Buying a cycle is expensive,and storage becomes a problem when the bike is not in use. Then there are maintenance costs to consider. Owning a cycle is an option that regular cyclists and hardcore enthusiasts can justify, but for those just trying to pick up the habit, a rental makes more sense.

With so many benefits, everyone is recommended to give cycling a shot. Chart a small route, find a Pedl station and begin the adventure.

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