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Google Launches It’s Moto X- A memory of 2013

Google Launches It’s Moto X- A memory of 2013

Smartphones are a big hit majorly in all parts of the country. Owing to the large success of various smart phones, Google has also come up with Moto X, loaded with exciting features.
Google, which is a big giant of search engine, has launched its smartphone by the name of ‘Moto X’ seeing the tremendous rise in sales of smartphones simply all over the globe.

Moto X has a 4.7 inch AMOLED screen and has an android operating system. It has a 1.7GHz processor along with 2GB random access memory (RAM). It is also stated that the smartphone will give the buyers a user friendly experience with Google. The main competitors are phones like Samsung galaxy S4 and iPhone 5.
Features of the smartphone
It has a voice control feature and the interesting fact is that the voice control switches on itself when the phone is switched on. It is more commonly referred as the ‘Google now’ voice feature. A constraint with this feature is that if the voice control remains on all the time, it consumes more battery life which will end up in less usage of phone without its charger or data cable.

Another interesting feature the smartphone offers is that when it is placed with its screen facing downward, a sensor alerts it which causes the AMOLED screen to turn off. This helps to save battery life when not required.

Additional features

Want to click pictures with your new Moto X? Just twist two times consecutively and the camera will switch on. It has a 10 megapixel camera on the backside whereas a 2 megapixel camera on the front for easy clicking.
The smartphone will be sold in 18 colour options for the back cover. There are also seven accent colour options to choose from. Accent colour includes the bumper buttons on the phone and a ring that is present around its camera.

Is it the right time to launch the Moto X?

The big question arises whether it is the right time for Google to take plunge into the market of smartphone? Google, which bought the mobile maker Motorola last year for $12.5 billion, has introduced the first mobile with it.

Owing to its great features the phone can surely be a hit in the market but presently the stakes for Google are big.

Dennis woodside, who was a former top executive at Google was given in –charge of Motorola. He relieved the former Motorola workers off their duty and set up a new team with officials working for Apple, Samsung and also Amazon.
The smart phone is expected to be sold somewhere in late August or early September.
Moto X can act as a source for revenue for Google and this would also lead to more people viewing their ads.

So if you are thinking of buying a new smartphone loaded with all new features, the Moto X can be a great option to buy. Customers would just have to wait for fifteen days or a month.

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