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How To Troubleshoot The Offline Printer Mode

How To Troubleshoot The Offline Printer Mode

You will get printers with various form and factors. You may have any kind of printer starting from a laser printer, inkjet printer or dot matrix printer. But for a proper functioning of it, you need correct driver installation in your printer. These drivers are intermediary software between printer and Operating System. You may face troubles with your printer when it becomes offline with every start of your computer. If you don’t exactly know the cause behind it, you won’t get enough ideas on how to troubleshoot the offline printer mode. Hence, first of all, you need to monitor the symptoms of the same.

Your printer can go offline due to normal factors such as an issue with the printer driver, no paper in its tray or temporary disconnection which are easy to resolve. All these can be fixed to resume the printer. But your printer can be offline due to connectivity issues with USB/LPT or network cable. When you face these issues with your printer being in offline mode, you need to check its connectivity and sometimes restart the device to get it online.

Steps to Fix Offline Printer

You can learn about some of the troubleshooting steps to deal with your offline printer, which is as follows:

You can shut off your printer device to initiate the reboot process, then switch it on again. You should at least give few minutes to the printer unit to finish booting.

You should verify whether your printer has network connectivity or not. Ensure that it is attached to your computer. In case it is networked properly, you should check its link light. The flash green light should be on that is situated at printer’s back portion.

Under most cases, using local administrator account is enough to manage this problem. Hence, try to log into your computer with the help of an account having rights to manage the printer.

You can use the start button on your computer and click on ‘Devices and Printer.’ When you right click on the printer section, you must find the option ‘See What’s Printing.’ It displays the window of print spooler.

Then click on ‘Printer’ and uncheck the option ‘Use Printer Offline.’ This will make your printer to go to online mode from offline.

If still your printer is not in online mode, or the above option is grayed out, then close the window of print spooler.

Return to the option of Devices and Printers, and open a new web browser to download your printer’s driver’s latest updates. You will easily get these updates on your printer manufacturer’s website.

You will get detailed instruction while downloading the printer drivers updates. Follow it step by step and install it on your PC.

If drivers updates also fail to bring your printer online, click on Start button. Then click on Control Panel. In the search box, type ‘troubleshooter.’ Go to ‘Use a Printer’ under the Hardware and Sound section. You will get some instructions to fix this printer issue.


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