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Last Minutes Things To Not Forget When You Move To A New City

Moving is more than just packing and moving to your new house. There is a lot that goes into the process, and it is until you have moved when you realize the work that comes with moving. This is why many people prefer to hire moving companies to help them. The moving company will deal with most of the things, but you will need to work on some other things. One of the best way of having an easier time when moving is by having a good plan. Following the plan makes it much easier to move, and you will not forget some things, which is more common than you realize.

You might think you will remember everything, but even the sharpest minds tend to forget. There are some things that will cost you a lot of money if you happen to forget. Writing down when moving is a must because it ensures nothing is forgotten. You can easily go back to your notebook and see what is you have forgotten. There are some common things people tend to forget when they are moving to a new city. Below are some of the last minute things that many forget about that you should not.

Changing your address

Your address is usually used in many different ways, and failing to change can mean not getting your documents or deliveries. People tend to forget about this until they need something to be delivered to them. Mortgage documents, insurance documents, and bills are some of the things that are commonly sent out through the address. If you have found a new place to live in the new city, then you can change your address online. Before you make the move, have the address changed, and you will not be stressed when you move to the new city. You should also let the bank know you are moving and also change the credit billing address as well.

Taking care of the plants

Do you plan not to take your plants when moving? You should start thinking what to do with the plants before you can move. If there is a neighbor who loved your plants or has complimented them, consider giving it to them. If you also have a neighbor who is into plants, consider them too. Giving out your potted herbs is not going to be hard because you can easily replace them once you settle in your new home. If you are planning on moving with your plants, wrap and secure the pots in plastic wrap so that they don’t end up getting destroyed. A moving company can help you with this process.

If you have large plants and you want to transport them, consider talking to the moving company so that they will give you the best way of moving the plants. If your move is across states, you should be aware that many states have regulations on plants that are allowed to cross the state line, and this is done because they want to avoid the spread of disease and pests. Many moving companies can help with this information or they can direct you to the right place.


Once you have gathered all the moving supplies, the next step is packing things in an orderly manner. You can start with those things that you are not going to use in the next couple of days. If you are moving during the summer, you can start with the winter clothes. Doing this will help you because you will not forget anything. You will be left with days to pack any remaining stuff, which makes it hard to forget something. You will not have many things to worry about, and this will give you enough time to focus on other aspects of your moving. When packing your things, you should also label them because it makes the process much easier. You will also have an easier time unpacking since you know which box has what stuff.

When packing, consider packing a suitcase that has all your immediate needs such as clothes, toiletries, prescription medicines and shoes. This is even more important if your move is going to take a couple of days. If you have a baby or pet, do not forget to pack their necessities as well.

Utility service providers

The task of transferring your utilities and cable to the new home is not something people enjoy doing, but they have to. You should all the companies before you move so you can tell them you are changing your address, and that might affect your subscription and account. You should be careful with this step because you still want to have cable, electricity, and other necessities in your current home until the day you move out. Everything should be sorted out before the day you move because it can be hard to deal with the issues once you have moved.

Cleaning the old house

Before you leave the old house, you need to do a double check on all the closets and drawers. The fridge and freezer need to be completely cleaned out. Check the washer/dryer and dishwasher to see if there is something you might have left behind accidentally. It is a good idea to hire a cleaning service to help with the cleaning before you leave the house. If you were renting, this will help you get back your deposit a little faster. Small touch-ups can work great in improving the look of the home, which will all contribute to getting your deposit back.

Moving should not be complicated, provided you know what you are doing. You should try having everything in order because it makes the process much easier. Getting a moving company to help you will still mean you doing some work. Always try noting down things so you don’t forget about them. With the right approach, you should have an easy move with less stress. Having people around to help makes it much easier, but moving with family can be way more complicated than moving alone.

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